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  • Stop the denigration of Bangladesh Liberation War

    The Radical Truth: Stop the denigration of Bangladesh Liberation War
    Full article and complaint letters can be read at the above link.

    What's common between Mahee Ferdous Jalil (the owner of Channel S and Prestige Motor Group), the Bangladesh High Commission and Rushanara Ali the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow in East London? The answer I'm looking for is not that they are all Bangladeshis, but that Mahee is a convicted fraudster who served time in jail and the other two are some of his hang-out-with-me cronies. Anyone with common sense would consider such people alike and their association inseparable. As the saying goes, people will judge you by the friends you have.

    A little background, after 9 months of courageous resistance the freedom fighter of Bangladesh with the help of India defeated the Pakistani army on the 16th of December 1971. Millions of Bengalis were killed and many others suffered during one of the worst genocide of last century. Every year on the 16th of December, Bengalis celebrate their glorious victory.

    But beneath the surface of all this glory lies a sinister industry. A growing number of people are personally gaining from the Bangladesh Liberation War, in what can be called an “industry”. It reminds me of the book “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering” by Norman G. Finkelstein. Finkelstein, whose parents suffered at the hands of the Nazis, exposes the exploitation of Jewish suffering by what can be called the Holocaust “industry”, to bring political power and huge financial gain to an elite minority.

    Mahee is a self-proclaimed “leader” of the Bengali community and one of the abuser of the Bangladesh Liberation War, similar to the Holocaust Industry. The major political factions in Bangladesh and their British branches also abuse the sacrifice and memories of Bangladesh Liberation War for their own gains. Even worse, there are war criminal from 1971 who live in the safety of British society without being held to account for their crimes. Then again Britain does provide sanctuary to war criminals. It even went to the length of changing the Universal Jurisdiction law to allow Israeli war criminal, Tzipi Livni to enter Britain without the risk of being arrested.

    On the 16th of December 2011, a Bengali TV channel of Sylheti dialect known as Channel S, owned by Mahee Ferdous Jalil, held a big show/celebration on the 40th Victory Day. On this day, Mahee decided to turn the whole evening into celebrating the 7th anniversary of Channel S under the pretence of celebrating the Victory Day. Most British Bengalis are of Sylheti origin, therefore they would naturally tune into the only channel that speaks in their dialect in order to celebrate the Victory Day anniversary. Mr Jalil seized upon this opportunity as he always does and exploited it to promote himself and his TV channel for his personal gains at the expense of Liberation War victims. Mahee is a convicted criminal and a disgrace to the Bengali community. He invited the likes of Bangladesh High Commissioner and Rushanara Ali and many others to his pretend celebration. He cannot change his character or clear his dirty past no matter who he hangs out with, instead all those who go near him become like him.

    The list of disgraceful behaviour of Mahee and his Channel S:

    A website reports, Channel S was fined £40,000 for repeatedly breaching Ofcom rules for political ads. This kind of underhand dealings has plagued Bangladeshi politics everywhere. There were other reports that cast doubt into the fairness of London mayoral and GLA election due to such behaviours. Talk about importing politics from back home!

    How can anyone forget the First Solution Money Transfer scandal in 2007, in which Channel S and its owner Mahee, was inextricably intertwined with First Solution and its director. The tears from the Bengalis who lost all their savings still plays in the minds of the ordinary people who witnessed it? You can read more on this at Wikipedia and on the BBC report “Millions lost as firm goes bust”.

    In 2008 Mahee Ferdous Jalil (aka Mohammed Ferdhaus) of Channel S (along with many others) was found guilty, at Croydon Crown Court, of car insurance fraud and sentenced to 18 months prison term. Mahee is a convicted criminal. You can read the report at Police Oracle website and watch a TV report by rival Bangla TV. Ofcom also investigated Bangla TV for the way it reported this story.

    East London News reports “Mahi Jalil abducted and tortured by criminal gang” - The news of gang like rivalries and violence is a disgrace to the whole British society and not just to the Bengali community.

    A 2009 undercover report by Daily Express “Ofcom launch investigation into Muslim TV” - This news is regarding the way the likes of Bangla TV and Channel S helps organisations fund-raise. Not only is this questionable but it looks like the channels are also taking a cut from the monies donated, without clearly informing the viewers. This is a clear abuse of trust and brings shame on to the Bengalis/Muslims. The charities urge the viewers, many of them poor, to seek salvation by donating during Ramadan, one of the oldest trick used especially in the villages to extract money from vulnerable and uneducated people.

    Bangla TV, a channel that started long before the rival Channel S, is no better.

    First Solution Money Transfer scandal - Bangla TV reported this is in a questionable fashion, when its staffs were friends of First Solution's director, something they denied after its collapse.

    East London Advertiser reports of Firoz Khan jail “Bangla TV chairman guilty of fraud conspiracy against bank” - In February 2010, the chairman of Bangla TV was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud in connection with an investigation into the theft of nearly £850,000 from a major high street Bank. As one blogger described it, Channel S finally got something to hit Bangla TV back! Watch the news videos “Bangla TV Chair Firoz Khan sentenced 5 yrs for Fraud” and “Bangla TV Chairman Firoz Khan is in Jail”

    The Daily Express report also claims “Feroz Khan, the boss of Bangla TV, which is based in Hackney, east London, told our reporter, who was posing as a charity trustee, that fundraising slots for this year’s Ramadan were sold out long ago. A slot for next year could cost £12,000, he said.”

    So when it comes to Bengali media rivalries, it's not a question of who is guilty of a crime, but rather who is the bigger criminal! The Bengalis now have their very own media moguls and Mafias to be proud of or despise. The gang culture in parts of London is not just at the street level but it extends to organised crimes at all level from these crooked bosses of TV channels to the big bankers at the City.

    Bengali people are being abused by these criminals who pretend to be the pillars of their community. Tune into any of the numerous Asian TV channel on Sky and you will see virtually all the advertisement are from insurance claim companies. Ask yourself, why is that so? And how do these companies operate? Few years ago it was the mortgage brokers who filled the advertisement slots, with the we-can-get-anyone a mortgage strapline. These crooks made their money by damaging the financial industry and now the rest of us are suffering. Ever wondered where the likes of Mahee got the money to open his numerous businesses? Well it wasn't the bank managers offering a loan after taking a look at their ugly mugs! During the the first solution scandal, he bragged about how ungrateful the Bengalis are when he shows them 4 free TV channels. Well the public's question was “Where did you get that money from Mr Mahee Bhai”? They did not get an answer – so people were left to draw their own conclusions, something that is easy to do with so much news about his criminality. It's like when the Home Office asked Mohamed Al-Fayed, during his application for British citizenship, where he got the money to buy Harrords. No answer meant no citizenship!

    The biggest abuse of all is the denigration of the memories of Bangladesh Liberation War. There should be zero tolerance and such denigration should be met with vehement opposition. I have sent a complaint to Channel S, Bangladesh High Commission and Rushanara Ali for their part and await their replies, which will be published here. The Bengalis must rid their community of any illegal and criminal behaviours and disassociate with the likes of fake leaders like Mahee and his dirty businesses. There is much good work that needs doing but until such people are confronted and held to account, progress will be hindered. Anyone who goes near such people are an enemy to the Bengali people.