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    I want to know if there is any bangladesh's that understand or know were their blood line has come from, other then bangladesh. I find it interestin that islam had come to bangladesh 800 years ago from places in the middle east and that many bangladeshi's, mainly syhleti's are actually mixed and resmeble arab or middle eastern facial features.
    I was told that apart of my blood line comes from turkey.
    I am sure that many people in bangladesh are mixed with many other ethnicities because our country seems to resmeable facial looks. Even my cousin looks chinese and we have no idea how.
    I am aware that every one around the are actually mixed, however some people say i do not look bengali, some say i do. I don't understand when they say that because what do bangladeshi's look like then?

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    From historical times the land of the Ganges(Bangladesh) has attracted people from all parts of the world.(Around 2000 B.C) The original people of Bangladesh were Mongoloids( With features like the chinese and some of the Bengali tribes today like the Chakma can still claim to be so.) and Dravidians( Basically dark skinned people, who can be traced all the way back to Africa).

    In later stages of the Millenia ( Still B.C) ligher skinned Aryans ( People from present day Northern Indian and Pakistan) started migrating down the Ganges and towards present day Bangladesh. All these people integreted and created our great language and culture. But this was not all.

    Starting in the 8th century Arab and Persian traders started settling in Bangldesh especially in the south( The port city of Chittagong Esp.). This continued until the Turkish invasion in the 11th century.These maurading adventurers came from somewhere in present day Uzbekistan ( Central Asia). But the beauty and abundance of natural wealth attracted even more people. In the late 16th century the Mughals invaded Bengal.

    So you see we Bengalis are an absolute mixed race, banglai jake bole "Joga Khichuri". And that is why the Pakistanis thought us to be racially inferior,"The non-martial" race. But according to modern Anthropology, homogeneity can only be preserved with the mixing of races. Many also beleive that belonging to multitudes of races, explains our higher intelligence.( Fact thats yet to be proven).

    Technically if someone wanted to name our race we would be "Indo-Aryan Dravido Mongoloid", thats basically all the races in the world put together. So next time if anyone asks,"What would you get if you put all the people in the world together?" You woudl simply get a Bangladeshi!!


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      "Indo-Aryan Dravido Mongoloid" <---- so far i know that
      Best Regards-
      Mirror Of Bangladesh n Bangladeshi People.


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        Who the heck's that pundit Obadiah Shoher?

        A politically active penpal showed me a huge number links of him.
        Shoher keeps himself anonymous in order to avoid Israeli government control, and Obadiah wrote some odd things about Israeli politics.


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          Never came cross my mind.
          But someone would know.
          I have been call'd Arab


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            Who the heck is that Jewish writer Obadiah Shoher?

            Ok, I have glanced at the that weblog. Kinda smart. Take, for a feel of it the chapter Samson Blinded - A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict (Unicode UTF-8 encoding) ยป Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for bin Laden! . One can see far-flung mix there, starting at Judaism all the way to antiterrorism and Middle East's happenings, albeit quite an provocative ideas. I can see why right and the left together criticize Shoher. Part of the stuff he says makes sense, some not so, pieces just should not be recorded even though practiced. Interesting.


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              I just saw a genology report prepared by the Human Genome project of my Nephew (sister's son). His father comes from Shahjadpur, Pabna.

              Based on the DNA markers, he was identified as having African DNA. Many people in Indo-Pak subcontinent, the ancestry is African. However, since Bangalis are a mixed race, I will not be surprised to see Portugese, Arab, Iranian, and other DNA types.

              For details about the human genome project and DNA markers, search in Google.




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                Yeah I look a bit like east asians.