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Bangladesh SMS, Cellphone

The number of cellular phone subscribers in Bangladesh has been growing at an enormous rate in recent years, sometimes more than doubling each year. With the introduction of the Bangladeshi government’s deregulation process, it is believed that the mobile market will continue to improve at this impressive rate. New cellular operators that have entered the scene have also contributed to a more competitive market, meaning subscribers benefit from lower charges and improved services. Interestingly, this massive growth in Bangladesh's mobile market has also been a boost to the economy, creating some 240 000 jobs.

Bangladesh’s cellular companies include:

GrameenPhone Ltd
Aktel/TM Int’l
Warid Telecom International
Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd

Cellular phone coverage in Bangladesh is currently at around 90% and will increase in the future. Cellular operators offer a variety of products to their subscribers including prepaid services and contracts. Companies are continually competing and therefore always looking for ways to improve their services, for example by adding EDGE and 3G.

One of the most popular cellular services in Bangladesh is SMS or Short Message Service. By means of SMS you can send brief text messages quickly and easily to friends and family. Many find this a less expensive form of communication. Certain online companies offer free SMS to Bangladesh. They will usually include an advertisement at the end of your message. Using these free SMS’s to Bangladesh is a great way to keep in touch when you’re on holiday in a different country.

International roaming is available in Bangladesh. Other options for making cellular calls or sending SMS’s in Bangladesh is to hire a cellular phone or purchase a Bangladesh SIM card.