Visit Bahadur Shah Park

Bahadur Shah Park, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a striking war memorial set amidst the splendor of nature. This fantastic attraction in Dhaka provides travelers with the opportunity to look back into the turbulent history of Bangladesh. The park attracts some two thousand visitors each day and frequently sets the scene for cultural and religious festivals.

Originally known as Victoria Park at the time of its construction in 1858, the park was the brainchild of Nawab Kwaja Abdul Ghani. Built in the popular, bustling Sadarghat section of Dhaka, the site rests upon the ruins of Antaghar, an old Armenian club house. In 1947 Victoria Park was renamed to Bahadur Shah Park in remembrance of the last Mughal emperor, Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar (more commonly refered to as Bahadur Shah II).

Bahadur Shah Park stands as a monument to those who died in the First War of Independence against Britain. The site was chosen as it played a major role in the revolt against British rule in 1857. During the uprising, many of the Sepoy mutineers where hanged here, their bodies remaining hanging for some days. In the end the followers of Emperor Bahadur Shah were unable to keep up the fight due to lack of organisation and ammunition. Thus the emperor was exiled to Burma.

In 1858 a large crowd gathered in the then Victoria Park to listen to the commissioner of Dhaka read out a proclamation issued by the newly crowned Empress of India, Queen Victoria. An obelisk located in the park commemorates this event.

At the time of the renaming of Bahadur Shah Park, a cenotaph was erected to honor the memory of those who died in the liberation war movement. The cenotaph is easily recognised as a structure with four pillars and a small dome on top. Inscribed around the memorial are the words: ‘In memory of 1857 martyrs’.

Once a site of violence and tumult, Bahadur Shah Park now attracts the young and the old, who come here to enjoy the peaceful environment. Whether you are interested in the history of Bangladesh or are simply looking for a place to take a relaxing stroll, Bahadur Shah Park is a delightful attraction in Dhaka.