Relax at Parki Beach

There are numerous destinations in Bangladesh that visitors are not aware of as they are usually only known to locals and guides. For visitors who wish to enjoy the unique facets of a country, these types of destinations are key to their vacations. To get away from the regular tourist sites and the bustle and heat of the cities, there is one location just outside of Chittagong that is a recommended site for relaxation and tranquility, namely Parki Beach. Here, visitors and locals can enjoy the best of both worlds in a unique fashion and take in the beauty of Bangladesh.

Located on the channel of the Karnaphuli River, Parki Beach offers breathtaking views of the river as well as the ocean. The river is more than six hundred meters wide and was home to a hydroelectric power plant that was constructed in the 1960s. The main port of the country is situated at the mouth of the river, the Chittagong sea port, and has an average depth of just over a hundred meters. With the river channel being at the feet of the Parki Beach, sunbathers and swimmers will be able to look at fishermen going about their daily duties and watch large ocean vessels making their way to the port. The beach stretches for approximately fifteen kilometers down the river and coastline, varying between three hundred and three hundred and fifty feet in width. A massive forest separates Parki Beach from Anwara thana, and the beach is therefore a quiet and peaceful destination. It is a favorite location for locals to spend the day with their families, enjoying picnics and beach activities. The sunsets at Parki Beach are magnificent and not to be missed.

The beach is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, and children will be thrilled by the marine adventures that await them here. Parki Beach is known for its crabs that can be seen along its shores and vary in color and size. If visitors to Bangladesh are looking for a site to enjoy a day at the beach and take in the beauty of the river and ocean with the locals, then Parki Beach is the ideal destination.