Performances by Dhaka Padatik

On 21 January 1978, a group was formed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to uplift spirits and to enrich the lives of the local community through theatre and entertainment. It was called Padatik Nattya Sangsad and it was created with the very simple motto of: “Let drama be the weapon for the struggle of life, let drama be the expression of life”. This group staged performances that the public could relate to and could find hope in through the difficult times in their lives, and during volatile times in the country. Another group in Dhaka would find their feet a few years later and also reach out to the public through drama and theatre.

Wonderful and praised productions have been produced by the group Dhaka Padatik that was founded on 13 March 1980 at Dhaka University by the Teachers Students Centre. The theatre company of Dhaka Padatik believes that all plays they produce should touch the hearts of everyone in Bangladesh, voice their concerns and bring to light their daily struggles. Dhaka Padatik therefore performs plays that bring the history of Bangladesh to life and gives international theatre enthusiasts a chance to catch a glimpse of the soul and creativity of the country.

Face to Face Kans (Mukhomukhi Kangsa) was the first production staged by Dhaka Padatik, which they followed with other breathtaking performances such as This Country in this Dress (Ei deshe Ei Beshe), Engit, Gani Mia in a Day (Gani Mia Ekdin), In Search of Socrates (Socrateser Sandhan), Inspector General, Wizard (Yadukar), Beautiful Sundari (Amina Sundari) and many more. They have also been invited to perform at various festivals, such as the National Drama Festival, getting more exposure and thrilling audiences. Over and above their brilliant performances, Dhaka Padatik also offers workshops so as to share their expertise and knowledge in drama and the performing arts. With more than a hundred shows behind them, both open air performances and stage productions, Dhaka Padatik has become a well known and liked group in Dhaka and Bangladesh as a country. Theatre groups such as Dhaka Padatik, help the public to express themselves and allow them to escape their daily lives for a few hours.