Maulvi Bazar’s Tea Gardens and Attractions

The Sylhet Division is located in the North-Eastern region of Bangladesh. Within this division is a picturesque district called Maulvi Bazar. It covers an area of approximately two thousand seven hundred square kilometers and has an extremely dense population of more than 1.3 million residents. There are three main rivers that flow through this district that provide the farming regions of Maulvi Bazar with water, but it also result in occasional flooding.

Maulvi Bazar was declared the sub-division of South Sylhet in 1882, but its name was later changed to Moulvi Bazaar after it was occupied by Pakistan. It was liberated on 1971. As most of Maulvi Bazar is an agricultural region, they export a range of produce, such as agar, lemons, bamboo, cane, pineapples, tea, jackfruit, rubber and mangoes. It boasts one the of the largest tea gardens found in the world, and has over a hundred and fifty tea gardens within its borders. To diminish the devastation that flooding brings to this district when flooding occurs, a new project that cost millions was undertaken by Maulvi Bazar to install a flood defense system, which it the only one of its kind in Bangladesh.

There numerous small villages located within the district, with five Pourashavas. Moulvibazar is the district’s capital, situated on the Manu River banks and is famous for the breathtaking tropical forests that surround the city, as well its tranquil and beautiful tea gardens. It is said that the religion of Islam was brought to Maulvi Bazar by Hazrat Shah Jalal, a well known famous Muslim Saint, hundreds of years ago. One of Maulvibazar’s most popular attractions is the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mustafa, which was erected in the city in his honor.

The Maulvi Bazar district hosts a number of religious historical attractions and structures having more than two thousand nine hundred mosques, twenty- two Buddhist temples, numerous other temples and various churches. Some of the attractions that are recommended to visitors to explore, include the Maulvi Bazar city shopping mall, the Madhabkunda waterfall, the Shah Mustafa Shrine, Madhobpur Lake and the Lawachara National Park. The Maulvi Bazar is a wonderful district to discover, as it is blanketed in history and beauty.