Leveraging Human Resources

The Bangladeshi emphasis on education, culture and upbringing creates a rapidly growing swell of unparalleled human talent. The nation must be admired for the priority which it accords to developing its youth, for this is surely the best investment that today’s generation can make in the future. The Bangladeshi professional is not only hard-working, but accepts work loads cheerfully.

Top quality education and traditional family values combine to produce literate and aware citizens. The people of Bangladesh can adapt quickly to new environments, and are always keen to acquire fresh skills.

There are many ways in which the intellectual reservoir of Bangladesh can be leveraged to leap frog in to the league of the developed world. Unfortunately, the country’s human and natural resources are hamstrung by inadequate investment. Other countries and international bodies have not been forthcoming with the kind of support that a young nation needs and deserves.

This may be because world opinion is not uniformly positive when it comes to Bangladesh. It is true that some disruptive elements exploit the low general level of development, but there are also many misunderstandings and wrong notions about Bangladesh and its people. A random survey of the Diaspora will show that Bangladeshis shine on the international stage, and have won recognition in the most competitive fields.

The environment is a major issue in Bangladesh, with much of the nation’s water resources being wasted. A holistic approach is required to do away with the specter of repeated floods, but little headway is possible without the cooperation and support of neighboring India. This gigantic nation was responsible for the birth of Bangladesh, but fundamentalists and communalists on either side have soured relations. However, this is strictly at the political level, because large-scale border movement of people between the two countries is common.

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for the people and organization behind the micro-credit innovation for rural women should help to put Bangladesh in its rightful place on the world stage. Perhaps this will result in better resources being placed for the welfare of Bangladeshis.