Explore the Cultural and Natural Wonders of Natore

Located in northern Bangladesh, the district of Natore has a number of interesting features that appeal to both domestic and international tourists. For travelers who are interested in the rich history and culture of this lovely region of Bangladesh, a visit to the charming Natore Rajbari or the majestic Uttara Gonobhaban will provide fascinating insight into these aspects of Natore, while nature lovers will enjoy a visit to the extensive wetlands of Chalan Beel.

The colorful and intricately adorned Natore Rajbari once served as the headquarters for Ramjivan who is widely considered to be the real founder of the Raj family. He commissioned the construction of most of the buildings and temples making up the Natore Rajbari complex, as well as the setting out of the extensive orchards and landscaped gardens. The palace complex was further developed by Rani Bhabani, a zamindar of Rajshahi during the British colonial era, who won the hearts of the masses with her acts of generosity and compassion. As with many of the feudal palaces of Bangladesh, the long avenue leading to the palace is fringed by rows of bottle palms, and for security the palace complex was enclosed by two rings of defensive moats, which although now filled with silt and weeds, are still evident. Seven of the original buildings remain on the site, with some of them being used as offices for the district administration, while others can be explored by visitors.

Surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens complete with sculptures, lakes and rows of trees, and consisting of hundreds of rooms, Uttara Gonobhaban is one of the official residences for the president of Bangladesh. An ornate gate opens onto a long roadway leading up to the majestic residence, which is a prime tourist attraction in Natore. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through the lovely gardens before or after exploring the buildings, which are packed with interesting relics, beautiful paintings, luxurious furniture, elaborate trimmings, stained glass windows and more.

For nature lovers, a trip to Chalan Beel is a must. This vast inland marshy area has forty-seven rivers and streams flowing into it and is rich with flora and fauna. Amphibian fauna include seven species of frogs and one toad species, while there are 34 reptile species that call this home. Almost 30 species of mammals and large numbers of birds, including migratory species, inhabit Chalan Beel.

A visit to Bangladesh is not your average tourist-orientated vacation of slick sightseeing at high speed, it is a country to be explored at leisure, taking time to discover its many gems, such as Natore, which can be a very rewarding experience.