Bangladesh’s Pro Golfer

Oh to be a professional golfer! Dreams of making pots of money while walking around in the sun, with the occasional swing of a club, are deceptive because it is so much more difficult to sink that putt in real life! Every new star on the golf firmament is worth celebrating because it is as rare. The meteoric rise of a poor boy that started life doing menial jobs on a golf course is a satisfying substitute for all of us who fail to make any noteworthy grade in the game.

That is why Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman should be the toast of the entire golfing world, and not just a proud icon for Bangladesh. This wonder has made an impression on most participants at tournaments all over the Indian sub-continent.

Rahman must be inspirational for jet setting executives with purse strings of sponsorship in their manicured hands. Powers that be at the Kurmitola Golf Club in Dhaka where Mohammad grew up, and the lofty environs of the Bangladesh Gold Federation, which has played long odds in the early days of the prodigy’s career, have equal roles in this amazing entry in to a sport for the privileged.

Rahman is a natural at the game, though years of watching accomplished players and endless practice must have plenty to do with his exploits. He is as generous in giving credit to his Japanese trainer as you would expect from a true professional, and the blinding shower of accolades has not allowed his demeanor to desert Rahman’s humble beginnings.

One of the great things about golf is that you can look forward to a long innings relative to most other international sports; there is plenty of money and glory as well for taking part in global circuits, even if you do not win most of the time. Grameen Phone, a cellular operator in Bangladesh has put decent money behind Rahman and increasing numbers of people come forward in heartwarming numbers to pay for Bangladesh to be represented in tournaments all over Asia. We could soon find Rahman join top golfers in the West, and scores of hidden talent all over the country, rise to find their levels!