Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib International Airport

Not only has air traffic increased dramatically in Bangladesh, but cargo transportation has also escalated, and none of the airports in the country are presently equipped to handle the massive flow of trade and passengers. Over the last few years, external trade in Bangladesh has grown from $1 billion to $35 billion, and airports such as Shahjalal International Airport are taking strain due to their lack of facilities and space to accommodate cargo. It has therefore been decided that a new airport should be built, which is able to service the cargo industry, as well as passengers.

Suggested locations for the proposed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib International Airport came down to three, namely a site in Tangail and two different areas of Mymensingh. Favor was given to Trishal, situated in Mymensingh, as the government land here offers 1 200 acres, and it is a mere 97 kilometers from the country’s capital, Dhaka. Trishal is conveniently located in regard to international travel and trade, and feasibility studies have shown that this location would be better suited to the needs of the country. The Civil Aviation Authority and the Bangladesh Tourism Ministry have both been contributing to the project, and respected companies, such as Penta Ocean Construction, Italian-Thai Development Corporation, Obayashi Corporation and Murray & Roberts, have been consulted. The final proposal and studies will now be sent to the prime minister for approval.

On approval of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib International Airport project, the first phase of the airport will begin, which is estimated to take approximately three years for completion. Phase one will concentrate on the construction of three runways and a dual terminal. A large parking bay for an estimated 75 cargo and passenger aircraft will also fall under the first phase, as well as a maintenance hanger, workshop, support facilities and a fire station. An official confirmed that once the first phase of the project has been completed, a further two terminals for passenger traffic will be constructed. Plans to link the city of Dhaka with the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib International Airport through an expressway have also been added to the project. Once the airport is completed, it will be an international gateway for trade, and offer all the same services and facilities as all the major airports in the world.