Touring Lahore, Pakistan. Funny moments we had in the car!

Some friends and I going through Lahore. We're actually on our way to Baadshahi Masjid which is in the old parts of the city. Lahore is truly an amazing city. Too bad I wasn't able to capture most of the fun stuff that happened in Pakistan. ... lahore pakistan paki pakistani india indian hindi punjab punjabi city fun al qaeda qaida urdu waleedda1 tehreek insaf student federation hassan khan niazi imran bilal aslam asad bangladesh bangali west east bhangra


Tags: lahore, pakistan, paki, pakistani, india, indian, hindi, punjab, punjabi, city, fun, al, qaeda, qaida, urdu, waleedda1, tehreek, insaf, student, federation, hassan, khan, niazi, imran, bilal, aslam, asad, bangladesh, bangali, west, east, bhangra


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