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PL_Meeting 07-05-2011 in Brescia, Italy (24 MB) [02:02]
On May 7, 2011, Father Luigi, and Mr. Krishnapado Munda took part into a meeting at the Monastery of San Cristo, that is the site of the Xaverian Missionaries' activities in Brescia, Italy. They explained that there is a small indigenous group of people called the Munda who live on the edge of the Sundarban Forest, in the very southern part of the Satkhira District, in the South West of Bangladesh. Father Luigi is a Catholic priest from Italy who came to Bangladesh in 1975. He became a missionary in order to work with indigenous people. He is a courageous and committed Christian who has a passion for all of God's children. Father Luigi started his mission with the Munda seven years ago after working with the Rishi people around Chuknagar. Munda is outcast people in Bangladesh, as well as in India. Despite increasing international interest in the works of Baba Ambedkar who invented the term "Dalit", people will often avoid contact or communication with an outcast in those countries, and sometimes even restrain themselves from going near them. In extreme cases, any individual who has sympathy for an outcast, and tries to be friend or socialise with them, may cause themselves to lose popularity, or even become an outcast themselves. Krishnapado is till now the first and only Munda who reached a universitary graduation. He studied Economics at the University of Kuhlna, Bangladesh. He also is till now the first and only Munda who crossed the sea. It was really a pleasure to ...
Tags: Luigi Paggi, Munda, Xaverian, Missionaries, Missonari, Saveriani, Dalit, Baba, Ambedkar, Bangladesh

agunta jwaliye rakhun [00:27]
আগুনটা জ্বালিয়ে রাখুন। agunta jwaliye rakhun Keep the fire burning An unusual head gear... like fireworks!
Tags: agunta, jwaliye, rakhun, fireworks, Bangladesh, Satkhira, palm, leaf

Sydney Olympic Park Boishakhi Mela 2011 [03:23]
The Bangladesh Pohela Boishakhi Mela 1418 at the Sydney Olympic Park 2011
Tags: Bangladesh, Pohela, Boishakhi, Mela, 1418, Sydney Olympic Park, 2011, Fireworks, australia

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final - India vs Sri Lanka Highlights [HD] [14:58]
Cricket fans across India celebrated through the night after their team beat Sri Lanka in the World Cup final in Mumbai. India (277-4) beat Sri Lanka (274-6) by six wickets on 02 April 2011. In a dramatic match, the Indian cricket team led by captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni clinched the tournament by six wickets at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai to win the Cup for only the second time having previously won it in London in 1983. Throughout the land, people danced, let off fireworks and generally let themselves go as the tension of expectancy was released after the co-hosts had won cricket's greatest prize.

Bangladesh Rush Mela Photostory by Shabbir Ferdous [05:54]
its photo story of Rush Mela, Dublar Char, Sundarbans, Bangladesh. Photographed in november 1st, 2009 Rash Mela is a 200 year old annual festival honoring the Hindu God Lord Krishna. Every year its held on "Rash Purnima" (Rash Full Moon) which was 1st of November. This date varies year to year depending of the lunar cycle determined by the Hindu astrologers. Dublar island famous and infamous as well. The cyclone those hits bay of Bengal mostly ends up hitting this area. Its in the southern edge of the great Sundarbans inhabited by seasonal fishermen who lives there few months of the year. There is no regular transportation system to go there. Only way to reach there is by boat. And safest time would be during winter when the sea is calm. The fair on the Dubla island was started in 1923 by Hari Bhajan, a disciple of Thakur Hari Chand. The life of Hari Bhajan was very extraordinary. During his stay in Sundarbans for twenty four years, he lived on the fruits of the forest. He had many disciples in nearby villages. One of his notable works was to start the Dubla Rash Mela during the Rash Purnima. To celebrate the occasion and keep alive the memory of Thakur Hari Chand, the devotees, especially the fishermen of the Sundarbans, organise this five-day fair.
Tags: rush, mela, sundarbans, dublar, char, hindu, festival, people, culture, khulna, bangladesh, shabbir, ferdous, bangladeshi, photographer, slideshow, spirituality, blues, photography, tourism, inspirational, travel log

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