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Nowka Baich (Boat Race) Voirob. Part 02 [19:03]
Boat Race is called nouka baich in Bangladesh. This race demonstrates the boatmen's technique and prowess in giving their boats the maximum speed. In national boat race the boats have to cover a distance of 650 meter. Each boat can be manned by 7, 25, 50 or 100 persons. Rivers form an integral part of Bangladesh's history, tradition, literature, culture and sports. Boat race consequently, is an important element of folk culture. Rivercrafts help create ports and markets requiring the services of expert carpenters, who are often found to compete in skills in making boats. Different districts have different types of boat. In DHAKA, GAFFARGAON and MYMENSINGH kosha type of boats are mostly used for racing. These boats are narrow in shape and can be as long as 150 to 200 feet. Their front and back are straight. These boats are made of timber of local shal, shil, karai and chambul trees. In Dhaka,FARIDPUR, TANGAIL and PABNA districts narrow and long boats are used in racing. Their lengths can be 150 to 200 feet but the backs are about 5 feet above the water and their fronts almost touch the water. Their front and back have many decorative works. These are also made of timber of shal, garjan, shil karai and chambul. In COMILLA,BRAHMANBARIA, AJMIRIGANJ and SYLHET sarengi boats are used for racing. These are about 150 to 200 feet in length and 5 to 6 feet in breadth. Their front and the back are flat like the beak of a duck and remain 2 to 3 feet above the water. In CHITTAGONG ...
Tags: Voirob, Nowka, Biech, Boat, Race, Bangladesh, Tinku, Choudhury, Chowdhury, Thematic, Banglarpothe, Desherpothe, Racing, Row, Water

Spectacular Fireworks @ ICC CWC Ceremony 2011 [03:39]
Fireworks during the ICC Cricket World Cup Ceremony 2011 at the Bangabandhu National Stadium Dhaka
Tags: Fireworks, dhaka, night life, fire, india, wedding, cricket, carnival, fiesta, boom, ICC, World, Cup, 2011, opening, ceremony, bangladesh, srilanka, Jayasuriya, Tamim, Iqbal, Shakib, Al, Hasan, Mashrafee, Spectacular

Prof Philip Kotler at Dhaka_9 June 2011.mp4 [01:01]
Marketing guru Dr Philip Kotler yesterday declared Bangladesh the host of World Marketing Forum where the country will be propelled in the global arena. World Marketing Forum is a unique venture where some of the world's most influential marketers, academia, corporate leaders and development experts will gather to find solution to some of the biggest challenges of the world. The forum aimed at creating better world through marketing. During the first year, education, health, food and environment will be discussed. Kotler announced the forum after a daylong workshop, "Professional Certified Masterclass 2011" for the marketers of the corporate world at Radisson Water Garden Hotel in Dhaka. "Bangladesh is a sleeping tiger which will rise and win," Kotler added. He was very impressed by the energy of the country, which helped him to pick Bangladesh as the host nation.
Tags: Marketing Guru, Bangladesh, Professor Philip Kotler, Dhaka, 2011, June, World Business Forum

Fire Works at Bangladesh [01:36]
A Small video of the fireworks in a simple Bangladeshi Wedding.
Tags: fireworks, bhuiyan, bangladesh, easy, boom, simple, rocket, wedding, function

Awesome fireworks at Grand Opening of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 [02:38]
This video contains the last portion of the fireworks at the grand opening of ICC Cricket World Cup-2011. It was not allowed to carry the camera. This video is captured by my Nokia E75. I am really sorry for the quality. Hope you'll enjoy! Venue: Bangbandhu National Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh Event: ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Grand Opening Ceremony Date: February 17, 2011.
Tags: world, cup, 2011, ICC, Cricket, Grand, Opening, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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