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Grameen Danone - Bogra, Bangladesh [02:38]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Bogra, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Martysb. See this TripWow and more at Grameen Danone One of the most important objectives of my trip was to get to know/study Grameen Danone which is the model of Social Business that Muhammad Yunus had written his last book on and he is currently traveling the world speaking about. Having participated in the creation of Silicon Valley I have been particularly drawn to this model of creating companies whose focus is to do good (while not loosing money) rather than to make profits. I started by meeting the original Executive Director and friend of Khalid Shams - Md. Imamus Sultan and then the current Executive Director - M. Wahidun Nabi in the Grameen Bank Buidling in Dhaka. I then traveled five hours ride away to Bogra where I met Engr. Probir Kr. Sarker - Plant Manager of Grameen Danone. Grameen Danone (GD) is going through early struggles and challenges and is working to learn through experience, adjust to conditions both within and outside their control, make modifications and emerge successfully as many other of the Grameen businesses, starting with what Grameen Bank itself has done. Keeping costs down and prices at a level that the poor can afford has been a major challenge. The cost of milk, which is nearly 60% of the overall cost of the product, has nearly doubled in the last year. Labor costs - which represents 30% of the overall costs has also increased ...
Tags: grameen danone, danone bangladesh, bogra grameen danone, grameen danone challenges, grameendanone, dannone; bangladesh, danone lady bangladesh, grameen office in bogra;, bangladesh, grameen-danone food crisis, 2008, bogra; bangladesh village area, imamus

Migrant Ministry [01:12]
Our Ministry in Bangladesh and Malaysia. We are helping the Migrant people those are working in Malaysia and Others Country. We pray that God will open their eyes. So, they can see the truth. Come and Visit Us and Proclaim His name in High.
Tags: Migrant, Ministry, Bangladesh, Malaysia

Shamoli Bazaar [02:09]
The Shamoli General Market is very new and has grown dramatically since it was established three years ago on the east side of Shamoli Club Field. Three years before it was built the local people were dependent on the street markets to buy vegetable, fish and meat. There is also a modern BDR shop in the general market, which is now run by a local businessman. This market fulfills the daily needs of the huge number local people. The street market remains but does n't have the same attraction for shoppers. Immediately adjacent to the market is a cinema that has been closed, which in turn affects the hawkers floating shops in the street market. The street market close to the former cinema hall sells a wide range of fruit. The shopping center itself has Bangla food restaurants, stationery shops, a vocational training center, fashion product outlets, a mobile phone and electronics service center. The general market is similar to any other community-based market in Dhaka. As Shamoli is situated in the western periphery of Dhaka it is not developing as quickly as new Dhaka. However, there are huge number low income, marginalized and working class people in the area as well as slum dwellers who are mostly environmental refugees. To these classes of people, Shamoli General Market and the street market are important as they sell a range of products at very reasonable prices. There is no holiday for the market but on Fridays they attract less people. Before and after office hours is ...
Tags: shamoli, bazaar, dhaka, bangladesh, market, video

CCF'09SlideSow(720p).wmv [04:54]
A slide show dedicated to the hard working volunteers of the Canterbury Children's Festival 2009.
Tags: children, volunteer, canterbury, festival, campsie, Harcourt, Public, School, Sierra, Leone, Japanese, Arabic, Bangladesh, Animal, farm, Police, Channel, Colouring, Competition, Pirate, Fairy, Lanterns, arts, and, craft, Humphrey, Bear, Sikh, Children's,

Korbani.flv [03:58]
Once I was reading a book about micro financial loans in Bangladesh that persuaded me to start shooting a film on that subject. Two weeks after I bought plane tickets for Kolkata and quit my job. In the beginning of November, I was in a bus, on my way for a country I didn't know anything about, even that most of the people don't speak English over there! Everybody was constantly staring at me or following me, all signs were written in Bengali letters, I could never know were I was .. This was really scary ... for the few first moments. Then, I had to experiment Bengali incredible sense of hospitality: anytime, anywhere no one would ever let me go to the hotel or the restaurant, although it wasn't difficult at all to travel as everybody just always pushed me in the right bus. In Dhaka City I met Sanjida Rahman, an incredible business woman that had more guts and grit than can be imagined. She took me to her family village Dhubaria, where I shot this short documentary about the muslim festival Eid al-Adha with the help of her oncle, AK Sayeedur Rahman. Back in Paris since two months I am working further on my film project before I can fly back to Bangladesh.
Tags: Bangladesh, Korbani, Muslim, Dhubaria, Tangail, Sayeedur Rahman, Sanjida Rahman, Nathalie Heydel, Eid al-Adha, sacrifice, cow

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