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different temples. In the capital Dhaka, thousands of men, women and children joined the historical Janmashtami rally and procession brought out from the Dhakeshwari Temple to Bahadur Shah Park after parading different roads. According to the Hindu faith, Krishna, the incarnation of God, descended to this world some 5500 years ago with a vow to establish love, truth and justice. Devotees on this day celebrate his 'birth' on earth. ... Janmashtami Dhaka Bangladesh Festival Popular Culture ...
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Woqood petrol station(ABUHAMOUR) 2 doha qatar
Woqood petrol station(ABUHAMOUR) 2 doha qatar ... Woqood petrol station(ABUHAMOUR) doha qatar pakistan india world news islamic country bbc films movies sialkot lahore girls boys farhan ali qadri naat anasheed songs humen mans womens pakistani incrediblepakiz alhaaj owais muhammed al attari hotels sikotian tablighi jummmat dubai suadia arabian indian nipali srilanki bangladesh
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Spring Festival/ Boshonto Uthshob
Fatua and Shari. The women used yellow, colorful shari with Bangladeshi fashion. The young people enjoyed very much and express the original identity of Bangalee culture and spirit. Countrywide, the cultural organisations, clubs of school and collage celebrate this festival with festivities mind and joyful traditional event. Video & Editing: J. Alam Idea & direction: Shahjahan Siraj Copyright: Machizo Multimedia © Machizo Multimedia, 2008 ... Festival Spring Bangladesh Dance Song Culture Events ...
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The Women Weavers of Gandhi Ashram Trust, Noakhali
In Bangladesh, textitile and handicraft production is one of the few industries that rural women can use to earn an income, thus empowering them to be on a level playing field with their husbands. Tourists visiting Bangladesh should always try and purchase goods from female shopkeepers and businesses they know support such women. Expect a few more videos from me on the subject! ... Bangladesh Noakhali travel log Gandhi Ashram Trust weaving women
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