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Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya - Sustainable Tourism in Bangladesh [02:00]
Bangladeshi economist points out the kind of travel and tourism his country should pursue. We agree 100% at Crowdsourced Travel. Please join our effort to promote Sustainable Tourism in Bangladesh: FULL TRANSCRIPT: "Bangladesh has to pitch itself for Sustainable Tourism. What is sustainable tourism? Sustainable tourism is when you do promote your tourism you create income, a flow of investment but you do not reduce the quality of the nature and the society and culture at the same time. Sustainable tourism is also linked to the millennium development goals. The first goal is the eradication of poverty. So sustainable tourism will mean linking the poor people, the informal sector into the private sector mainstream tourism sector. So, poverty alleviation and tourism should go hand in hand. This is the first principle of sustainable tourism. The second point is how to relate the natural issues or the preservation of natural capital of what we have. Whether it is Sundabarn or Cox's Bazaar beach. How do you like the environmental concerns with the tourism? The third pillar is to achieve the MDG goal #7, that is gender equity. How do you really bring in women employment to the tourism industry? Finally, the last but not the least is about the international partnerships, so you also look forward to international collaboration and international investment both in the infrastructure and the forms of tourism. I see the prospects."
Tags: Bangladesh, Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya, Sustainable Tourism, Crowdsourced Travel, Mikey Leung, Responsible Tourism, Positive Travel, Sustainable Travel

Health tourism on the boom - The Star Online TV [03:08]
Lucinda Joseph of The Star Online speaks to two women who are among the first Bangladeshis to visit Malaysia as health tourists when Malaysia Healthcare opened it's office in Dhaka in 2008. Lucinda also speaks to the CEO of Malaysia Healthcare, Mr. Suresh Ponnudurai.
Tags: The Star Online, Bangladesh, Malaysia Healthcare, Suresh Ponnudurai, Health Tourism, Medical Tourism, tourism

Tangail(Bangladesh) tant industry.mp4 [01:46]
Local Tant(name of sari) which is very popular to Bengali women and also a part of Bengali culture.
Tags: Tangail, Bangladesh, Tant, Sari, Sari industry, desi, youtube

Letter to Bangladesh 7 (লন্ডনের চিঠি) Raihan Jewel on Women & Genetics [05:39]
Letter to Bangladesh 7 (লন্ডনের চিঠি) Raihan Jewel on Women & Genetics
Tags: Letter, to, Bangladesh, Raihan, Jewel, on, Women, Genetics

Letter to Bangladesh 5 (লন্ডনের চিঠি) Raihan Jewel on Women & Men [08:41]
Letter to Bangladesh 5 (লন্ডনের চিঠি) Raihan Jewel on Women & Men
Tags: Letter, to, Bangladesh, Raihan, Jewel, on, Women, Men

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