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British Airways Heathrow Airport Boeing 747 Terminal 4 London To Dhaka Bangladesh Take Off [02:58]
British Airways Boeing 747 Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 London To Dhaka Bangladesh Take Off
Tags: ba, british, airways, t4, terminal, bangladesh, sylhet, london, uk, heathrow, 2007, Boeing, 747, Flight, Travel, International, Trip, plane, window, view, seat, aircraft

Pukurpara/Raikhong Jhorna [10:14]
Friday, 29 April 2011 This video contains the clips from the pukurpara waterfall, bangladesh. We have started from the bottom of the waterfall to the top. Watch the video carefully, it will give you a feeling that you were there. This is the most widest waterfall from Bangladesh. During rainy season, this place can be deadly. Only few of the portion can possible to observer. Music for this video are taken from "chatting with an old friend by window", and "hungerian jungle music". More about this Waterfall is available at
Tags: pukurpara waterfall, raikhong waterfall, pukurpara jhorna, raikhong, pukurpara, bangladesh, bandarban, lake, jhiri, stone, propat, jhorna, beautiful, adventure, trekking, hiking

The true story of a haunting [02:46]
I was deciding to go back to bangladesh in 2012 but in 2005 theres another story. I was 9 years old. I went on holiday to Bagladesh with my family for 3 months on July 2005. During the month which passed. I Moved into my grandma's house which was alright but use to be eerie at night.Obviestly I stayed there before but these folowing days was very different and probably the scariest times i experianced ever in my lifetime. Well first i stayed in my small bedroom at night. I shared the room with my brother But that night was normal with me but not for my sister and aunt, they slept in a room which was near a bathroom and a window and beyond the window was trees, and a huge forrest and grass, that was on the side of the house But the window shutter was closed during then. My mum slept in another room next to the bedroom my sister and aunty slept in but my mum slept in that bed and nothing realy happened to her but my sister and aunt sensed something My sister and aunt went to bed at 11.00. Nothing happened during those hours which passed. Bare in mind they slept in the room which was wierd. My sister and aunt was settling.Suddenly then on 3.00am, Something demony happened, stones being thrown, bangs and smashes and knocking.
Tags: the, true, truth, real, story, of, haunting, burial, ground, spooky, scary, fact, eerie, spine, tingling, 100, thetabshiremperor, holiday, bangladesh, abroard, 2005, demony

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