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my last visit to meet BAUL Abdul Karim RIP - Ager Bahadhuri Onee Gelo Khoi 18.02.2009.mp4 [02:02]
Shah Abdul Karim was born in 1916 in Ujan Dhol village, Derai Thana, in Sunamganj District, one of the remotest villages of Bangladesh. Growing up with poverty and hardship, he started expressing his thoughts and emotions musically from very early age. Ektara, a traditional single string instrument has been his constant companion. His songs had spell-binding effects on the people in and around his village, not to mention his melodic, soothing and pleasingly rustic voice. He was so indulged in music that unlike other typical Bangladeshis he failed to engage in some 'jobs' and continued entertaining people with his music (by and large, music is yet to be recognized as a full grown profession in Bangladesh). However, poverty forced him to get into agricultural labour. But nothing could stop him from making good music. As he was growing up, he received training on spiritual and baul music from Kamal Uddin, Shadhak Rashid Uddin, Shah Ibrahim Mastan Baksh. His versatility ranged from Baul song, Spiritual song to Bhatiali. He went on learning all the exclusive modules of Baul song afterwards along with Shariatti, Marfatti, Nabuot, Belaya, the various devout form of music. He was motivated by philosophy of renowned Lalan Shah, Panju Shah and Duddu Shah.
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