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TOPIC: Project India [05:49]
During February 2012 I took a break from panda hunting and decided to join in with some friends on a culture learning to trip to Kolkata, India. The journey was rocky and the trip was an emotional roller coaster but I can't wait to get back there to support those children again. Please look more into the noble work the Salesians are doing in Kolkata and other parts of India for the street children.
Tags: Project, panda, topic, matt, india, kolkata, calcutta, salesian, don, bosco, salesians, Salesians Of Don Bosco, Trust, Red, Bass, Cover, John Bosco, Watch, Cricket, Mess, Chili, Peppers, Bangladesh, Think, Try, Ask, 3oh, Matter, Speak, Singh, Touch, First

Destination Nafakum Part-7: The Last night, Camp fire and Village festival [04:48]
We were exhausted as hell. In spite of that, when we heard that a group or Burmese artists was going to perform musicals we became very excited. It was winter. So we gathered woods and started camp fire to warm ourselves. The mood was set and we started chatting. Our boatman Ershad told us story of his life. He is very trustworthy person. If I go there another time, surely Im gonna take him as a guide without any doubt. At midnight we went to remakri bazar and found out people gathered on the yard were waiting for the show to start. The environment cannot be described with words. Sweet smell of tobacco was coming from all around the place. Artists were playing instruments we've never seen or heard. The music was different and addictive. There were temporary food stalls and many types of gamble. Ershad won in a gamble and treated us with tea. After waiting for a long time finally the curtain of the stage opened. We did not know the language but, were amazed by the music and dance. It was indeed a lifetime experience. The music was mesmerizing, the performance was amazing, the atmosphere was addictive and the whole setting was festive. These are the common people, who don't know ethnic difference and geographical politics, who don't know borders. They are happy with their peaceful life. I will remember Remakri with Love and Peace.......................
Tags: Travel, Tourism, Bangladesh, Life, Culture, People, Festival, Village, Burmese, Artist, Music, Instrument, Musical, Dance, Song, Adventure, Remakri, Bandarban, Nafakum, Nafakhum, Peace, Love

Biswanath Madrasha part 1 [03:01]
A video of Biswanath Madrasha with commentary in Bengali.
Tags: Biswanath, Madrasha, Islam, Bangladesh, madaniawelfaretrust, School

Dhaka, Bangladesh [03:08]
Recorded entirely on the iphone in December 2009. It is much more chaotic than it looks here, trust me!
Tags: Dhaka, Bangladesh, traffic, asia, bengali, cng, rikshaw, old, boats, river, buriganga

The Women Weavers of Gandhi Ashram Trust, Noakhali
In Bangladesh, textitile and handicraft production is one of the few industries that rural women can use to earn an income, thus empowering them to be on a level playing field with their husbands. Tourists visiting Bangladesh should always try and purchase goods from female shopkeepers and businesses they know support such women. Expect a few more videos from me on the subject! ... Bangladesh Noakhali travel log Gandhi Ashram Trust weaving women
Tags: Bangladesh, Noakhali, travel, log, Gandhi, Ashram, Trust, weaving, women

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