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Bangladesh 2k11 [01:58]
Just a small glimpse into Bangladesh when I went with my family in December 2011. Sorry about the video quality, the camera I was using wasn't exactly a proper video camera. And also, all this footage I managed to salvage was taken in those rare moments when we weren't stuck in traffic. So yeah. Bangladesh is actually great & I just thought it would be nice to share what life (ie, views from a car) is like in other parts of the globe. Thanks for sparing 1:58 of your life. :D
Tags: Bangladesh, CNG, Rickshaw, Irrelevant tags, things and stuff

Dhaka Traffic [01:23]
Downtown Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tags: dhaka, traffic, bangladesh

The Words of a Rickshaw Driver [03:21]
Bangladesh is considered the 'Rickshaw Capital of the World'. There are an estimated 500000 to 750000 Rickshaws in the capital city Dhaka. As I was filming a piece a paper fell from a Rickshaw... this is what it read...
Tags: Rickshaw, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhaka's rickshaws, Dhaka City Corporation, auto-rickshaw, Dhaka Traffic, World Bank, Rickshaw puller, Work for a better Bangladesh, banning rickshaws, public transportation, South Asia, sub-continent, India, Bombay, Mumbai, Ca

Stock Footage Asia Bangladesh Dhaka City Travel Rikscha Ride Bangladesch Asien HD [00:34]
Blitzblau Media Stock Footage: Rikscha Ride in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Stock Footage von Blitzblau Media: Mit der Rikscha durch Dhaka City, Bangladesch.
Tags: Bangladesh, Dhaka, City, Streets, Street, Asia, Asien, Capital, Bangladesch, Hauptstadt, Traffic, Verkehr, Tourism, Tourist, Destination, People, Menschen, Leute, Colors, Colours, Tourismus, Adventure, Backpacker, Abenteuer, Stock, Footage, Blitzblau, Med

Dhaka Tour by - Kazi Ahmed [03:05]
I was born in Bangladesh and grew up in Dhaka. Now live in Key West, Florida. I took this video during my trip, captured few moments of the busy people's life and the traffic by nearby Hotel Regency, Khilkhet. Dhaka is thriving city now in the world with many well known foreign banks, hotels, IT firms, manufacturing firms including largest garments industry. Even though I live in USA but do miss the smell of the air from my native land.
Tags: Dhaka, Bangladesh, Khilkhet tour, Dhaka street life, Dhaka city vendors, Kazi Ahmed, Dhaka life, rainbowbrushkazi

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