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Pablo & Bruno(I Care Informatics Pvt Ltd) [10:49]
I Care Informatics Private Limited is a master key to harnessing the power of the internet education. I Care Informatics Private Limited was established with the basic idea of educating and training the common people with latest computer technologies to meet with global standards of Information Technology and E Commerce. I Care Informatics Private Limited is a strong base Customer network driven company, which focus on our customer satisfaction first. The company driven by a well structured managerial co-ordination which enhances the height of exciting growth in business. As company we would require that our Associates acquire knowledge, test themselves through online and to rise to higher levels of achievement. Right Now I Care Informatics Private Limited is offering innovative products to target various sectors of people. Our website imparts extremely high quality online education, covering a variety of subjects and begets you information to enhance your knowledge. While doing so it allows you to earn commissions by referring products / services to other like minded individuals. Company offers you a variety of educational products, Life style and technology products, and apparel both for men & women at never before prices.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Presents The Ideal Lobby [02:46]
The new lobby design by Hilton Hotels & Resorts reflects the brand's commitment to exploring the latest design and technology innovations, ensuring public sp...

Sony Silver Ocean-Coxsbazar Working progress [01:20]
Sony Silver Ocean-Coxsbazar Working progress @ Kolatoli UK office : 02034350058, 07852189867. Address : 108 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JD

Sony Silver Ocean Coxsbazar Working progress 2 [01:26]
Sony Silver Ocean-Coxsbazar Working progress @ Kolatoli UK office : 02034350058, 07852189867. Address : 108 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JD

Investment in Myanmar.wmv [01:19]
Real Estate -- Project Management -- Company Formation -- Foreign Investments -- Import & Export -- Distribution -- Representative Office -- HR Services - Manufacturing The organization, Grand Waktu, already successfully distributes many international brands on the Myanmar market and is actively seeking further opportunities and new markets. With many local sales agents available to support the sale and distribution of imports, you can leave everything in the capable hands of Grand Waktu, who are able to assist IT investment too. If you are seeking expansion on foreign soil, or are thinking of long-term investment opportunities, Grand Waktu is able to support company formation and assist with setting up offices and recruiting the necessary personnel to ensure your company's success. It is important to have the right members of staff, so when you need to find the right partners and employees, experience is essential. New contacts are being made in the lumber industry, with imports and exports beginning to take off, but Grand Waktu have always supported businesses focused on natural resources in the local community. Agriculture and farming are growing locally and requesting the experience of larger corporations, like Grand Waktu, to help them streamline their production techniques so that these are less expensive. As a market leader, Grand Waktu has formed many contacts in the local area and holds a creditable place, supported by key companies in Myanmar. If you are looking ...
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