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Asian Explorer Part 11 (Culture, People, Food, Religion, Art, Customs, Architecture) Travel Photos [02:09]
This is a travel slideshow series showcasing some of the best travel photos from Asian countries around The Far East Asia and SE Asia (including a focus on culture, food, religions, art, customs, architecture, attractions, people, smiles etc) showcasing countries such as South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore and other destinations. This is a 600 part series that attempts to give one a visual representation of what it is like to be travelling in Asia as a backpacker, tourist or expat. Take a deep breath and let your senses explode. From ancient farming villages in India to the futuristic cityscape of Tokyo, Asia provides such variety and contrast it would take many lifetimes to even start scratch the surface. Above all, is a spiritual place - infused with the gods of past and present: the ancient spirits of the land and the family, the teachings of Buddhism, the deities of Christianity and Hinduism and the rules of Islam. Across the region, scented smoke swirls from millions of joss sticks placed in offering at the many shrines and temples the faithful use to meditate and pray. Ancient wonders and sacred spaces abound: from the Great Wall of China and the temples of Angkor to lesser-known marvels in Myanmar, Nepal and Afghanistan. But, Asia is far more than its past. A frenetic buzz surrounds the cities: the fashion, culture and business in Hong Kong, Singapore and many others easily challenges the ...

Bangladesh slideshow part 1 [08:59]
This is part one of my slideshow from my trip to Bangladesh this summer. I did an 8 week program teaching English and touring villages in the northern tribal regions of Bangladesh. Me and my site partner lived with the Holy Cross Priests in the area. I do not own the rights to the music in this video and no copyright infringement is intended.

International Sing A Malay Song Final Competition 2011 [02:29]
7 counties, 10 participants, 10 most popular songs in Malaysia, who will be the 1st PALMA(Pertandingan Akhir Nyanyian Lagu Melayu Antarabangsa)? The 1st Malay Songs International Singing Competition: The Grand Finale will be held in Kuala Lumpur, 4th of December 2011. The competitor winning the first prize can have RM10,000 respectively in addition to the prize-winners' certificates and cups. The Malay international vocal competition is a major Malay songs international singing competition event under the auspices of the Ministry of Information Communication & Culture (Malaysia) and is held for the 1st year organize by National department for Culture & Arts (JKKN). As for the competition repertoire, the 1st PALMA will carry on the tradition of attaching importance to both internationality and nationality. Ten well-known Malay songs will still be part of the competition, including 'Kau Ilhamku', 'Gemuruh, Cindai', 'Dondang Dendang', 'Permaidani', 'Dan Sebenarnya', 'Asmaradana', 'Mimpi Laila', 'Laksamana Raja Dilaut' and 'Belaian Jiwa'. Based on the principal of authority and impartiality, the jury panel is composed by local composers with renowned achievements in teaching and performance of vocal music. 10 participates are from Yemen, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand and Kazakhstan. Don't forget to watch live telecast from TV 1 (RTM-Malaysia) on 4th of December 2011(Sunday), 8.30 pm. We wish you an enjoyable watch! Support your country!!!... For further ...
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