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Sylhet - Episode 6 From Bangladesh with love [22:14]
"Driven by a riddle, Abrar, heads to Sylhet to decipher the hidden meaning written in the riddle.At Sylhet, Abrar gets to know the mysticism lies in the region as Sylhet is famous for it's heritage of mysticism. Abrar finds himself in Hazrat Shahzalal shrine, the famous shrine in Bangladesh for it's interesting and rich history.He does a lot of activities in Sylhet- going to local monipuri market, eating ' Akhni polao', dancing with the 'Ishkon' people and he finds a guy called Mohasin who takes him to Ratargul forest, the snake sanctuary of Bangladesh. With an adventurous boat ride at Ratargul forest, Abrar gradually realize that discovering the different things in Bangladesh is actually redefining his stereo-typed meaning of 'Love for Bangladesh'. All these stories of 'From Bangladesh with love' are brought to you by

Biman A310-300 S2-AFT Takeoff from Dhaka - Window View [03:15]
Window view from Biman Bangladesh Airlines Airbus A310-325ET registration S2-AFT during takeoff from Dhaka (DAC), Bangladesh. Operating flight BG51 to Doha (DOH), Qatar and Dubai (DXB), UAE on 3rd August 2012.

Burj Khalifa/Dubai/Canada Sucks... [00:42]
I had a 7 hour layover in Dubai on my way to Dhaka, Bangladesh to I decided to take the metro and see the Burj Khalifa (The tallest building in the world)... It was surprisingly easy... everyone in Dubai seems to speak English (to some extent) and the travel process was painless... I walked right through security and they stamped my passport... Unfortunately Shawn wasn't so lucky... The United Arab Emirates and Canada have a dispute involving the rights to land plains... and because of that miniscule thing he would have to get security clearance... bogus... so, knowing this is a once in a lifetime experience ,I went for it... took this video and returned... now I'm sitting in a lounge eating from a buffet... beer is unlimited toonjvdfbhjifbhidbhjvbh... If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Find me on... Twitter: Facebook: Find Shawn at: Youtube: Twitter:

ham ham, bangladesh last part [00:35]
This video taken from.

Monks demand peace in Bangladesh [00:46]
Monks demand peace in Bangladesh Monks march in Thailand, urging the United Nations to intervene in a sectarian conflict in Bangladesh. Gathering outside a UN building in Bangkok, they called for protection for their fellow Buddhists and urged the UN to take action. The demo came after violence between Muslims and Buddhists, which saw temples and at least 50 homes set on fire. Police said the attacks happened after Muslims saw a photo on Facebook of a burned Koran, allegedly posted by a young Buddhist. The online account has since been removed.

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