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Bangladesh - Charity Achievements - Al Khalil Education And Cultural Center. [14:02]
Al Khalil Education and Cultural Center UK,highlight of accomplishment of 2011.A charity organization which serves the poor,orphans and needy,it's true purpose is to teach the Quran to those who for what ever reason cannot learn the Quran and to create the next generation of Qari's.As you can see in this video Al Khalil is doing a commendable work in Bangladesh.Al Khalil still has many aims and objectives to achieve,Insha'Allah with your support and dua's it will reach it's destination.
Tags: charity, al khalil, boruna, bangla, bangladeshi, sylhet, sylheti, bangla waz, qari, hafiz, qurrah, idea, project, news, atn, channel s, ntv, donate, new, campaign, example, bangladesh, live, hanafi, best, network, channel i, islamic, sadaqah, qurbani, pro

Fresh Coconut juice extraction in Bangladesh/ Sylhet (siramishi) by Mr Bahar Uddin [01:45]
during my visit to a village in siramishi sylhet, one of the villagers (Bahar Uddin) volunteers to cut up some fresh coconuts and extract the water out. Traditionally this is one of the natural goodness's they serve guests with. Camera - blackberry bold 9900
Tags: Desi, deshi, opening, bangladesh, bangali, bengali, bangladeshi, coconut, cutting, extracting, milk, water, juice, extraction, sylhet, sylheti, young, tree, machete, knife, Bengal, village, villagers, dub, dab, siramishi, mr, bahar, uddin, harun, miah, 20

Bangladesh wedding song [05:36]
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Tags: Bangladesh, wedding, song, puluali

Snake Charmers in Sylhet [03:18]
Two women go house to house with a small wooden box full of snakes. They earn money by displaying the snakes while one of them sings a strange snake charming song in Bengali.
Tags: sylhot, silhat, bangla, sylhet, bangldesh, india, snake, snake charmer, cobra, bengali, bangladesh, bengal, sylheti, folk, snake song, Bengali Language, Reptile, Desi, mysylhetvideos

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