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Subrata Dada [01:34]
Subrata shob kheye shesh kore falailo... ... Subrata Poshuda Movers bdmo "math olympiad" dhaka bangladesh
Tags: Subrata, Poshuda, Movers, bdmo, math olympiad, dhaka, bangladesh

Indian Cricket Player crying after being slapped by fellow player
sports man spirit at its best look at this fellow chap he was slapped by his fellow player in the field for being racist against sikhs It was a slap well deserved ... Hope this is wrong that india involved in all the terrorism pakistan srilanka and bangladesh but its nothing which can be denied after looking at history of our indian governments army their desire to rule entire subcontinent again if those sort terrorist actvaties we must bring culprits justice let other countries them own system ...
Tags: Hope, this, is, wrong, that, india, involved, in, all, the, terrorism, pakistan, srilanka, and, bangladesh, but, its, nothing, which, can, be, denied, after, looking, at, history, of, our, indian, governments, army, their, desire, to, rule, entire, subcon

The Women Weavers of Gandhi Ashram Trust, Noakhali
In Bangladesh, textitile and handicraft production is one of the few industries that rural women can use to earn an income, thus empowering them to be on a level playing field with their husbands. Tourists visiting Bangladesh should always try and purchase goods from female shopkeepers and businesses they know support such women. Expect a few more videos from me on the subject! ... Bangladesh Noakhali travel log Gandhi Ashram Trust weaving women
Tags: Bangladesh, Noakhali, travel, log, Gandhi, Ashram, Trust, weaving, women

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