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From Bangladesh With Love বাংলাদেশ থেকে ভালোবাসাসহ Promo [01:07]
One Girl | One Guy | One Country | One Journey Eight breath taking episodes, all together in One Travel Show coming soon on Ntv. The first travel show of it'...

Experience Bangladesh with Green Channel Tour Operators [03:38]
Welcome to Bangladesh!!! With Green Channel you are always at your home. Unwind in this Green Nation of the world. We look forward to welcome you soon.

嶋村吉洋 マルチクリエーター集団 ワンダーランドなBangladesh [03:05]
戸川みゆきさん渕上瑞樹さん岡崎勉明 大将さん金持ち父さん貧乏父さん 微差力マルチビタミンマクドナルド ユダヤ商法newaysuccess 東京 大阪ワンダーランド 奇跡不動産 投資池間哲郎さんと井戸 つくりエイドリアン・ニューウエイズッカ入門 考える技術・書く技術サークル全体会議ask 逆転裁判 ソウルサーファーが大好きです♪ それでは、 neways cu soon(ニューウエイズ シー ユー スーン)!!! 「じゃあ、またね」♪

Rainy season Bangladesh monsoon. [01:23]
Monsoon season Bangladesh.

Meghalaya EP 01 Final [18:21]
Meghalaya Carved from the erstwhile State of Assam, Meghalaya became a full fledged State on January 21,1972. Bounded on the North and East by Assam and on the South and West by Bangladesh, Meghalaya is spread over an area of 22, 429 square kilometres. Climate The State enjoys a temperate climate. It is directly influenced by the South-West Monsoon and the northeast winter wind. The four seasons of Meghalaya are: Spring - March and April, Summer (Monsoon) - May to September, Autumn -October and November and Winter - December to February. The Monsoon usually starts by the third week of May and continues right to the end of September and sometimes well into the middle of October. Maximum rainfall occurs over the southern slopes of the Khasi Hills, ie over the Sohra and the Mawsynram platform, which receives the heaviest rainfall in the world. The average rainfall in the State is 12000 mm.

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