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Bangladeshi People (Bengali Distinct Faces) Part 2 - Road Junkie Snippets 186 [01:46]
Bangladeshi/Bangla/Bengal: 98 percent of the people of Bangladesh are Bangalees. The major religion is Muslim with 80 percent of total population. The second major religion is Hinduism which constitutes 16 percent. Other religions include Buddhism and Christianity. Minorities include Biharis...
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Smiles of Dhaka, Bangladesh - Road Junkie Snippets 16 [01:35]
A vast majority (98 percent) of the people of Bangladesh are Bengalis and they speak the Bengali language. Minorities include Biharis numbering 250000 and other tribes numbering about a million, with the Chakma being most numerous in number. About 83 percent of Bangladeshis are profess Islam as their religion. The next major religion is Hinduism (16 precent). Other major religions include Buddhism and Christianity. A member of the Indo-European family of languages, Bangla (sometimes called Bengali) is the official language of Bangladesh. Bangladeshis closely identify themselves with their national language. Bangla has a rich cultural heritage in literature, music, and poetry, and at least two Bengali poets are well known in the West: Rabindranath Tagore, a Hindu and a Nobel laureate; and Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Muslim known as the "voice of Bengali nationalism and independence." Bangla has been enriched by several regional dialects. The dialects of Sylhet, Chittagong, and Noakhali have been strongly marked by Arab-Persian influences. English, whose cultural influence seemed to have crested by the late 1980s, remained nonetheless an important language in Bangladesh. Biharis, a group that included Urdu-speaking non-Bengali Muslim refugees from Bihar and other parts of northern India, numbered about 1 million in 1971 but had decreased to around 600000 by the late 1980s. They once dominated the upper levels of Bengali society. Many also held jobs on the railroads and in heavy ...
Tags: nomadicsamuel, Nomadic Samuel, Samuel Jeffery, Road Junkie Snippets, Travel Log, Travel Video, Backpacking Video, Bengal, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Buriganga, Sadarghat, Bangladeshi, People of Bangladesh, People of Dhaka, Smiling People, Smiling Bangladesh, Bang

BRAC's Microfinance Program - Dhaka, Bangladesh [02:12]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Niranjan. See this TripWow and more at BRAC's Microfinance Program BRAC's Microfinance Program On 28th January we visited Kaliahair Branch of BRAC in Gazipur district. The visit was focussed on its microfinance program. However, we also visited BRAC Centre for Development & Management (BCDM), BRAC Dairy & Food Project, BRAC Hospital & BRAC Printers. We visited BRAC HQ on 29th January and had a detailed understanding on its Microfinance program. We also spent some time with the HRD Department. I wanted to meet BRAC's Education Program officials to gather info on their cutting edge and innovative education program. However, it did not happen due to time constraints. (However, I look forward to visit BRAC again in future with my senior team members to gain deep knowledge on their projects and enterprises). Finally, before leaving to Aarong & Grameen Bank, we had a great lunch in BRAC Inn's Suruchi Restaurant. This was the tastiest food I had in the entire trip. Tasty food, great ambience, smiling people and quick service is what required getting a great eating experience. Isn't it? Microfinance is not the only thing that BRAC does. BRAC's unique, holistic approach encompasses a range of activities in health, education, human rights and legal services and social and economic development. Today, BRAC has emerged as the largest NGO in the world ...
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Smiling Bangladesh ---- AIESEC Bangladesh Promo Video
A video presentation showcasing various aspects of Bangladesh, collected and combined from various video sources, and used as a promotional video by AIESEC Bangladesh in international conferences.
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