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HPI BULLET NITRO MT 3.0 Running Video 01 [Filmed in Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh] [03:23]
This is a running video of the HPI BULLET NITRO MT 3.0 The video was shot in a wide road towards the 'Bishwa Ijtema Field' in Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh with a Panasonic point and shoot camera The truck was running on a 20% Nitro fuel. It was yet not properly tuned and so the engine was stalling down time to time, but it was really fun running it in such a huge place for the first time! More running and bashing videos are coming soon...enjoy :)
Tags: HPI, BULLET, NITRO, MT, 3.0, rc, remote, control, car, truck, monster, bangladesh, hobby, tongi, gazipur, bishwa, ijtema, road, panasonic, dhaka

Beautiful Bangladesh 2011 [06:33]
Some random Video shoot from Cox's Bazar and Himchoree, Bangladesh. All the footage captured by iPhone 4. Some of the footage color corrected in iPhone 4 using "Movie Looks". Sound track: ATB -& Armin Van Buuren - "Vice Versa" from the album "Distant Earth"
Tags: Cox's Bazar, Himchoree, Beautiful, Bangladesh, Nature, Sea, Franticphenom, sky, sunset, Tour, travel, Destination, Journey, Southeast Asia

Bangladesh- The School of Life [03:37]
The School of Spirit, The School of Bravery, The School of Talent, The School of Playfulness, The School of Celebration, The School of Happiness, The School of Hope, The School of Mysticism, The School of Freedom, The School of Adventure, The School of Togetherness, The School of Art, The School of Love; Bangladesh- The School of Life 158 shooting crew worked behind this film, it was a REDdot production, Producer and Director : Gazi Shubhro, Colorist : Ziaul Paikar Jewel, DP : Khosru, Production Manager: Zahed(RIP), GM:Rony, AD: Tonu, Dip, Manna, Joyonto, Ashraf, Editor: Jewel and Prodip, Agency: Grey Bangladesh, Client: ICC & Parjatan BD, Music By: Adit, Musicians: Prithwi (sargams, santoor & percs), Najrul (dhol & mondira), Alom (ektara,dugi & nupur), Mukaddes (dotara), Jalal (flute), Monir Kaka (silver flute) Lyrics: Shaon. Script Copy: Anam.
Tags: Visit Bangladesh, Bangladesh Tourism Board

ZALAL,SHELLEY,ZHEREEN and ZAYNAB before and after the Snake River Falls water ride at Cedar Point amusement park located in beautiful Sandusky Ohio. Shelley was nervous, but she came through in the last minute. She did back out of Shoot The Rapids water rride at the moment of boarding. MUSIC Courtesy of Hues Corporation and their 12" remix single of ROCK THE BOAT.
Tags: river, park, roller, six, coaster, shoot, the, rapids, snake, falls, cedar, point, sandusky, zalal, zhereen, zaynab, shelley, meher, uddin, bangladesh, hamtramck, michigan, mi, ohio, beanibazar, sylhet, hues, corporation, rock, boat, flags, water, roller

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