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Old Dhaka Tourism Promotion [02:56]
This is the first effort of "Colours Creation". We took this as an experimental project. So we did that for only "Old Dhaka". In the near future Colours Creation would like to promote the whole Dhaka city. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: Old Dhaka, Jesper Kyd, Ahsan Manzil, Lal Bagh Fort, Buriganga, Momentous Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tourism, Bakarkhani, Jilapi, Biryani, Shakari Bazar, Saree, Moslin, Bangles, Kites, Pohela Boishakh

Ananya Hot Dialog : Click On ads to earn 1$ [00:45]
മാറി നില്ക്കട മനസാക്ഷി ഇല്ലതവന്മാരെ ആ മരിച്ചു കിടക്കുന്നത് എന്റെ മുതഷനാ ..................................................
Tags: ananya, Ananya (actress), Actor, Actor (mythology), navel, wet, hot, saree, Hot (Inna Song), Hollywood, Tamil, Song (airline), Famous, Entertainment, Angeles, Singer, Stars, India, Undead, Acting, Television, Actors, Cricket, Interview, Access, Gossip, Ca

From cloths to clay, we purchased everything! - Dhaka, Bangladesh (aarong saree, cloths in daka) [02:00]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Niranjan. See this TripWow and more at From cloths to clay, we purchased everything! "From cloths to clay article, we purchased everything! I assume, we visited almost all market places in Dhaka - International Trade Fare, Aarong, New Market, Banga Market, Dhaka University Street, Grameen Check outlet in Grameen Bank Complex, Mirpur Market apart from our Hotel's Super Market. Everybody purchased sarees (Zamdhani / Tangail), shirts, Kurta, cotton & silk dresses material, jewellery, decoration items, mementos, clay articles, jute articles, Chinese mementos, fruit packs, key chains, dolls, chappals, etc. Shopping was a nice thing to do everyday evening after a long & exhaustive day. Everybody wanted to roam in streets instead of watching TV (or doing work!) and we were on the streets and shopping markets of Dhaka almost all the days. I found that shopping at Bangladesh is fairly expensive. However, everyone enjoyed it and made most of it by spending most of their Taka currency. The team found that Aarong is an excellent place for quality ethnic goods. Aarong is a BRAC enterprise and it has 8 outlets in Dhaka apart from other major cities in Bangladesh. They have an outlet in London also. We visited 2 outlets of Aarong and we found that Aarong- Gulshan is a must visit place. New Market is another big market where every item is available. Some members of our team ...
Tags: aarong saree, photographs of all markets in, dhaka city, banga market dhaka, dhaka clothing outlet, everything about bangladesh, cloths in daka, outlet of aarong bangladesh, aarong dhaka, grameen check picture, aarong, aarong gulshan, from, cloths, clay,

River Cruising over river Shari, Sylhet [05:03]
Sunday, 25th July 2010 Boat riding over Shari, the most beautiful river from Bangladesh is simply exciting. The colorful water from the river is enough to make you have, as I was. This river will take you to the end of the Bangladesh boarder. If you have time, you can make a boat journey at anytime. Here you'll get some hints and my experience about my last river cruising The song that is playing at the background of the video was performed by "Chandrabindu"
Tags: sylhet, bangladesh, lala khal, lalakhal, river shari, saree, nodi, cruise, river cruise, blue water, green water, scenic, beauty, beautiful, nice, excellent

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