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Salman Khurshid, speaking at South Asian Band Festival 2012 [01:04]
The South Asian Bands Festival 2012 ,presented by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations {ICCR} in collaboration with Ministry of External Affairs & SEHER. 6th South Asia Bands Festival. The festival feature fifteen popular rock bands from across nine nations of the sub-continent. While India is being represented by the famous Bollywood singer-composer Clinton Cerejo who has films like Vicky Donor, Saat Khoon Maaf, Wake Up Sid, Ishqiya, Rock On, Yuvraaj etc to his credit apart from Nasya (New Delhi), Tough on Tobacco (Mumbai), Shkabang (Mumbai), Digital Suicide (Assam), Shaair & Func (Mumbai) and Galeej Gurus (Bangalore), what is certainly going to be a highlight feature of the festival is Noori, the band from Lahore, Pakistan. Noori was formed in 1996 by songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, Ali Noor, along with his younger brother Ali Hamza, and is considered as one of the pioneering forces behind what is dubbed at the "21st Century pop revolution of Pakistan". District Unknown, the first metal band of Afghanistan, with member all under the age of 24, is the other name to watch out for. Souls, rock band of Bangladesh performing at South Asian Band Festival, Purana Quila, Delhi. The other rock bands are Souls (Bangladesh), Thriloka (Sri Lanka), E- SA & His Troupe (Maldives), The Likens (Bhutan), Blaze (Myanmar) and Jindabaad (Nepal), all of whom are making their debut at the South Asian Bands Festival. Thisfootage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock ...

St. Martins Island, Bangladesh [00:40]
This is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It's full of natural beauty. A small tiny island in the chest of Bay of Bengal. We five (Faisol, Arafat, Razzak, Razu and Salman) went there during Feb 2 till Feb 5 in 2012. Amazing moments....will cherish forever. Beautiful Bangladesh :)
Tags: st. martins, bangladesh, teknaf, island, faisol, arafat, salman, razzak, razu, farhad, narikel, jinjira

The Journey to Tajingdong! [13:41]
It was a very sudden plan, 4 of us friends decided to get to the highest point of Bangladesh, and we made it! which took 3 days of trekking. Amazing sights that are witnessed only by a handful of people!
Tags: Tajingdong, Bangladesh, Highest, Point, Bandarban, Journey, Samwan, Nabil, Salman, Shaker

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