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Bangladesh Railway Rajbari Shuttle Train running place video.MP4 [08:13]
Loco: BG-Hitachi 6209. Date: 10.1.2011 Maximum speed: 60 km/hr.
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway, Rajbari, Shuttle, Train, running, place, video.MP4

Back Home... - Dhaka City, Bangladesh (mymensingh bangladesh, bangladesh mymensingh) [01:36]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Mymensingh, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Feliz_carolina. See this TripWow and more at Back Home... "Okay so I am back home from a great week! Reba and I took a bus to Dhaka on Nov.3rd and came home on Nov.8th. What an exciting week! Many things we did, such as go to church and we saw other white people, which is a shock because we never see white people, even I stared at other white people! Then we went to Old Dhaka, which is the old part of the city. We saw the Pink Palace which is pink. Very cool. Then we went to Hindu street and I bought some conch-shell bracelets. We got lost a couple of times in Dhaka but we just sat back and relaxed. I got Henna (in Bangla its Mehendi) on my hand- it looks awesome! I had pizza and ice cream! Wow that was so amazing! It was a good break from the usuall rice and veggies. I also had some language lessons and I got in trouble with some army guards! HAHA! I took a picture of a bridge and they came running after me saying I wasn't allowed! They told me to delete my pictures! I did but man was that funny! Why can't I take a picture of a bridge? They mummbled something about the SAARC Summit happening this week. It is a summit to alliviate poverty in South Asia. Okay well that is about the summup of my trip. I could go on for pages and pages but I am sure that would bore some of you so I will stop now. Okay one more story. So my house is in a farm and there is a big ...
Tags: mymensingh bangladesh, bangladesh mymensingh, funny pictures of hotels in, dhaka city, road map of mymensingh, bangladesh, bangladeshi house gate, picture, chittagong need girls paint, hand mehndi, part time jobs in mymensingh, mymensingh is it in, bangla

Running in a Tour [06:55]
Study tour 2009 by KUET CSE 2K5
Tags: Pothchola, KUET CSE 2K5, Bangladesh, Tour, Life

Railways in Bangladesh [06:29]
Bangladesh Railways. is it the highest speed they can run!
Tags: Railways, Rail Line, Train line, Running trains, Bangladesh

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