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GI Jory: The Rise of Cobra [02:05]
The song is "Sharkbite" by Crushed Out Find them online at I went to a small village of Christians today... Because they are an extreme minority in this area they are persecuted. They have nothing and so have to resort to whatever work they can find. Many of the men travel many km to find and catch deadly cobra snakes and sell them to make a living. A few men will leave for a day or two and return with one, two, sometimes no snakes. For the extremely risky work they make ~$2 a snake... You can see why they are extremely poor. Add to the risk of being bitten by a snake and dying because Bangladesh has placed the cobra on a protected animal list what they do is illegal... Be thankful for the job you think is shitty because there is far, far worse... This is part of my Bangladesh trip. I went to Bangladesh for 3 months to document the building of a school with Shawn (Uncultured Project). If you want to learn more about that project if you use the link below to his youtube channel all the details are there. The majority of the trip on this channel is cell phone videos of certain moments... If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Find me on... Twitter Facebook: Find Shawn at: Youtube: Twitter:

Dighinala: Risky move at Toidu Jhiri(তৈদু ঝিরি) [02:47]
Saturday, 14 July 2012 It was during moving from the lower falls to upper one at Toiduchhori(তৈদু ছড়ি), a remote hill at Dighina of Khagrachhori(দীঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি ). It is possible to move from lower one to upper one easily. But during rainy season, it was slight risky for flash flood and slippery stones. We had to go through the narrow passage which was risky. A slip at that place could cause a certain death. During other seasons(like winter), it should be an easy trail. So better visit during dry season. At other season, risk is on your own hand. You can find detail from the blog article: Tags: Toiduchori falls, toiduchhori waterfall, toiduchhori jhorna(তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা), toiduchhora jhorna(তৈদুছড়া ঝরনা), toidu-1 jhorna, khagrachhori, dighinala, bangladesh.
Tags: তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা, toiduchhori jhorna, toiduchhori waterfall, khagrachhori, dighinala, bangladesh, দীঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি

Dhaka Sylhet Highway Nobigonj [03:16]
Streets and Dhaka Sylhet Highways in Bangladesh Near Nobigonj Bazar Hobigonj are so risky to drive in, this short and interesting videoclip represents it perfectly, I think...
Tags: Fishingin, Arif, Fish, Farm, Nobigonj, Hobigonj, Sylhet, Dhaka, City, Bangladesh, Fishery, Koi, Pangasuis, Tilapia, Red, Gold, silver, carp, old, new, Big, Baby, Catfish, Grass, Carps, Asian, Farming, Cow, Goat, bullfighting, Sheep, Cattle, Duck, Chicken,

The Heritage Resort, Kohima [00:43]
The Heritage is a peaceful resort renovated from an old British Bungalow in Kohima,Nagaland. Located on a hilltop in Kohima, amidst the hustle and bustle is The Heritage in tranquility and an ideal place for quiet and brisk. A full menu is served in the dining commons and morning tea is always brought to your room. There are only 4 rooms and not everyone can just reserve a room. Once you are in the compound, you can't get your eyes off the flower gardens in full bloom. Kohima is the hilly capital of India's north eastern border state of Nagaland which shares its borders with Burma. It lies in Kohima District and is also one of the three Nagaland towns with Municipal council status along with Dimapur and Mokokchung. Kohima is the land of the Angami Naga tribe. The name, Kohima, was officially given by the British as they could not pronounce the Angami name Kewhima or Kewhira (Tenyidie for "the land where the flower Kewhi grows"). It is so called after the wild flowering plant Kewhi, found in the mountains. Earlier, Kohima was also known as Thigoma. Kohima is located south of Kohima District and has an average elevation of 1261 metres (4137 feet).The town of Kohima is located on the top of a high ridge and the town serpentines all along the top of the surrounding mountain ranges as is typical of most Naga settlements. Thisfootage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South ...
Tags: Nagaland, Kohima, hornbill, festival, North, East, yahoo, youtube, google, WFIL, Wilderness, Films, India, Ltd., wildfilmsindia, Asia, states, seven, sister, manipur, tribes, tribal, hills, heritage, village, Myanmar, Burma, forest, jungle, spring, Bangla

Seagull Hotel Bangladesh [08:36]
Seagull Hotel is the first five star hotel in Chittagong Division overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The panoramic view of the ocean, the majestic hills and the natural beauty of the tamarisk trees are all wonderfully complemented by luxury facilities and warm hospitality.
Tags: seagull, Bangladesh

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