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Bangladesh Travel Slideshow - Part 2 [08:11]
Travel through Bangladesh in December 2011. Dhaka, Khulna, Bagerhat, boat trip to the Sunderbans mangrove forest.
Tags: Bangladesh, Travel, Slide Show, Tourism, Dhaka, Shat Gumbuj, Sundarbans, lizard, Bagerhat, Khulna, Hindu Street, old Dhaka, pink palace, Guide Tours, tiger prints, red kite bird, rickshaw, bicycle rickshaw, Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, rickshaw art, videow

Dhaka - Dhaka City, Bangladesh (ahmed art foundation rickshaw dhaka, jamuna rickshaw art) [01:48]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Tsargood. See this TripWow and more at Dhaka "On the train journey from Rajshahi to Dhaka we spot the first Westerners. They are an older couple who have been living in Bangladesh for many years and teach at the University in Rajshahi. They say the only see tourists once in a blue moon and that it's usually friends or family that they have invited! We make friends with a couple of very friendly businessmen who are sitting opposite us and spend a good 5 hours chatting with them. We cross the enormous Jamuna river (about 3km wide) on the one and only bridge and are soon pulling into our final destination, which is some way out of Dhaka. The train pulling out of the station as we pull in is absolutely rammed with people - hanging out the doors and windows and balancing precariously on the roof. Our new friends direct us into a taxi then onto a bus before saying goodbye. They pay all the fares for us, but won't accept any money. They have given us their phone numbers and insist we call them if we need any help at all while we're in Dhaka. We've never experienced such profound hospitality before! So we've finally made it to the capital city, where the air is as thick, hot and unpleasant as warm sewage. It's a public holiday, so perhaps a little quieter than usual, which isn't really very quiet. We take a horrendous hotel room, which reeks of urine, has a colony of ...
Tags: ahmed art foundation rickshaw, dhaka, tour to go darjeeling from, bangladesh, jamuna rickshaw art, blue moon travels dhaka, bangladesh dhaka city movie, where can i buy good wall, pictures in dhaka city, ahmed art dhaka rickshaw, going out in dhaka, sun m

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