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The Catholic Cathedral of Kohima [01:02]
The Cathedral is located on Aradura Hill in Kohima. It is one of the biggest cathedrals in North East India. Its splendid architecture makes it one of the important landmarks of Kohima. The unique design created by blending the traditional with the orthodox resulted in an architectural marvel. It is also home to the largest cross that is made of wood in the country. The magnificent crucifix is carved in wood and is 16 ft high, possibly one of the tallest wooden carved crucifixes in Asia. The Stations of the Cross posed in the main entrance is a special beautiful feature. It is the presentation of Jesus' final journey with the cross, the last journey to Calvary. The fourteen stations, pose a real replica to the faithful with its beautiful arrangement on the slope of the hill leading up to the Cathedral. The Cathedral was inaugurated on the day of the Un's day of settlement. The Cathedral at this part of India has a very pleasant atmosphere for prayer and worship. The Catholic Cathedral in Kohima is a place worth seeing for its ideal blend of indigenous structural design.architectural might and complexity is a surprise. The semicircular building with its modern architectural thinking covers one side of the Araduura hill with every bit of construction planned in detail with no space wasted. Its façade is shaped like a traditional Naga House. A complete structure, including official and residential rooms! The Cathedral owes its existence to Lt. Rev. Abraham Alnagimattathil ...
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The Marma Pilgrimage to the Budhgaya [09:14]
A group of the Marma community goes to the Budhgaya for a pilgrimage. Some of men and women ordained at the Budhgaya. They are one of the merginalised tribes, hardly surviving in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. They are believed to be Buddhists since the time of the Gotama Buddha. According to Marma [same the people are popularly known as Arakhan in Myanmar and Mogh in India] chronical the Gotama Buddha came to Arakhan country and created a replica of him when left Arakhan country. This replica is known as Mahamraimuni.
Tags: Marma, Budhgaya, Buddhism in Bangladesh, Chittagong Hill Tracts

ASA: A Microfinance focused organization - Dhaka, Bangladesh (asa microfinance, asa ngo) [02:38]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Niranjan. See this TripWow and more at ASA: A Microfinance focused organization "ASA: a Microfinance focused organization Before reading furth** (especially, my friends from India), please note that microfinance in Bangladesh is not regulated by its central bank. NGOs can start microfinance op**ations without much effort with a simple registration process. Also, NGO-MFIs are allowed to accept savings and deposits from their memb**s which will make them self sufficient v**y quickly. Also note that pov**ty and unemployment rate is so high that people would patiently & s**iously listen to representative of MFIs and staff would strive to retain their jobs. Gov**nment's int**f**ence seems to be less as microfinance is widely accepted as a socio-economic support. Bangladesh is quite a diff**ent t**rain. Howev**, the methodologies innovated in this country are amazing as social-impact is clearly visible. They can be replicated aft** local modifications. That is why Bangladesh has become Mecca for Microfinance industries across the globe. Now, let me go back to ASA. My exp**ience with ASA was wond**ful. Undeniably th**e are many lessons to learn (and many to replicate aft** appropriate modification). ASA has achieved amazing scale and outreach in last one decade. One prominent feature of ASA is it is a microfinance focussed institution. ASA thinks and breaths about ...
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Bangladesh's Fake Taj Mahal [03:15]
The famed Taj Mahal has long inspired copies made from such materials as matchsticks, plastic blocks, or sand. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, built a three-quarter-sized replica for a shopping festival several years ago. Architects may decry such attempts to replicate the Mughal masterpiece but that has not dissuaded a Bangladeshi man from spending millions of dollars to build what he claims is a life-sized copy of the original. VOA Correspondent Steve Herman traveled to Sonargaon in ...
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