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Panigram Flash Mob [03:17]
Panigram Resort attempts to start a flash mob in the small village in rural Bangladesh where the resort is located as part of the One Billion Rising on V Day campaign. While we did get a lot of women and girls (and men who love them!) to come out for the program, most of the ladies were very shy to dance. Our MD (who was leading the "dance") ran out to pull more ladies in, but most ran away! The crowd followed though and thankfully the Panigram construction ladies did get into the spirit of the day!

Bangladesh slideshow part 1 [08:59]
This is part one of my slideshow from my trip to Bangladesh this summer. I did an 8 week program teaching English and touring villages in the northern tribal regions of Bangladesh. Me and my site partner lived with the Holy Cross Priests in the area. I do not own the rights to the music in this video and no copyright infringement is intended.

Great Daandia Dance At Ghazi Mela Buffad Sharif Hassanabdal [09:06]
Great Daandia Dance At Ghazi Mela Buffad Sharif Hassanabdal Ghazi Baba Urs were held from 29th June to 1st July every year
Tags: hazara, dance, daandia, ghazi, mela, buffad, sharif, hassanabdal, attock, punjab, pakistan, Nawaz Sharif (Politician), great (Programming Language), Dancing, Song, Punjabi, Khan, Urdu, Karachi, Desi, Lahore, Drama, Moves, Qadri, India, Imam, Ahmed, Geo, S

Cultural Program of Bangladesh [01:00]
Cultural Program of Bangladesh
Tags: Bangladesh, Akhi Alamgir, Singer, Song, School, Cultur

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