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Best Photos of Dhaka City, Bangladesh [02:05] The best pictures of Dhaka City taken by travel bloggers at the web's premier travel blogging platform. Slideshow created at by TripAdvisor™. Top Pics of Dhaka City 1. "Buddhist Temple" by Feliz_carolina from a blog "Pictures!!!" Okay here are some picture I took on my trip. Enjoy... 2. "Cox's Bazar Sunset" by Feliz_carolina from a blog "Pictures!!!" Okay here are some picture I took on my trip. Enjoy... 3. "Tea Garden" by Feliz_carolina from a blog "A cup of tea, a monkey and me" Dhaka has treated me well- so far. I moved in the beginning of December and right away I had many meetings and things to do.... 4. "08 - Sitara Mosque" by Will from a blog "Can you swim?" Bangladesh was intense from the moment I stepped off the plane. The flight from Yangon (Rangoon) wasn't too memorable due to... 5. "Dhaka 2 - 023 The Pink Palace" by Lucinate from a blog "Return to Dhaka" Back in Dhaka - Day 1 Back in Dhaka we slid down the budget scale of accommodation and found a different place to sleep than... 6. "The Korean Farm 2" by Feliz_carolina from a blog "One Month" The One Month Milestone! It's been one month since I left home! I remember the days when I thought I would never make it here... 7. "Sunset in trhe Sunderbans" by Dijoh2o from a blog "Another set of Sunderbans pictures" Here is another set of the five pictures from my Sunderbans cruise that I am allowed to upload... 8. "Hello GOLD!" by Feliz_carolina from a blog "Pictures ...
Tags: buddhist temple, cox's bazar sunset, tea garden, 08 sitara mosque, dhaka 2 023 the pink palace, the korean farm 2, sunset in trhe sunderbans, hello gold!, boat scenery, countryside sunset, rice fields, dhaka 2 021 the river, 01 ferries on the buriganga, r

Fête du nouvel an au Bangladesh [01:45]
Les bangladais ont accueilli leur nouvel an traditionnel ce mardi dans une humeur de splendeur et festivités. Des milliers d'hommes, femmes et enfants se sont parés de leur vêtements traditionnels pour fêter le premier jour du nouvel an, en inondant de couleur les rues de Dhâkâ. [Bibi Russell, Participant de la fête]: "C'est, c'est le festival que je chéris le plus, c'est juste incroyable! Je pense que pour les bangladais c'est "la" célébration, c'est tu sais, chaque bangladais l'attend ...
Tags: nouvel, an, bangladesh, Dhâkâ, Bangla, Naba, Barsha, fête

Une lueur d'espoir... [05:54]
Tout premier "Street Children Festival" au Bangladesh... Des sourires et de la joie pour oublier un quotidien extrêmement difficile... ... enfants de la rue bangladesh dhaka festival reportage social association joie
Tags: enfants, de, la, rue, bangladesh, dhaka, festival, reportage, social, association, joie

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