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Tribal Guys Are Playing Kabadi, Khagrachhari [01:17]
Sunday, 01st August 2010 This video was captured somewhere between the road of Naniarchar to Bagachhari of Khagrachhari. I was returning with a hired bike after visiting the Kaptai Lake portion from Khagrachhari from "Mohalchhari Dak Banglo". It just had a heavy rain and the tribal dudes are enjoying themselves by playing the National Game from Bangladesh. Also there were a little amount of spectator who were enjoying the game similar to me.
Tags: khagrachhari, khagrachari, khagrachhori, kabadi, tribal, tripura, chakma, bangladesh, pahari, national game, bagachhori, naniarchor, mohalchhori

Teacher Student Center (TSC) / Dhaka University [01:00]
Dhaka University is the biggest and oldest University of Bangladesh. It was established in 1921. This is called Oxford of the East. It covered a big area of Dhaka city with a number of important institutes. However there are many famous important monument and statue which are linked with Bangali tradition, culture, history as well as the democratic movement of the nation. TSC is the most famous cultural place of Dhaka established on 1966. In main complex building has different type recreational and cultural facilities. The Center includes cafeteria, auditorium, library, reading room, art and music room for clubs and stage, swimming pool, provision store, bookshop and bank. However just outside have DUCH, the central café of the university, just back of Shuparjito Shadinota ( earned freedom ) statue. TSC is famous for arranging important discussion, procession, study circle and event of contemporary socio-cultural and political issues. However the clubs and students regularly organize cultural show, rehearsal, training program, recreational event, seminar, symposium and fare-well etc. It is a meeting place of alternative think-tanker, teacher-student as well as activists and practitioners. Science its inception TSC is playing vital role in socio-cultural development as well as movement for democracy in Bangladesh. Moreover it is famous for ADDA (gossiping) and dialogue on contemporary local and global issue, emphasis to democracy and human rights.
Tags: TSC, DU, Teacher, Student, Center, Dhaka, University, Bangladesh, Culture, Democracy

Ayub bachchu-amar shonar bangla - national anthem of bangladesh.mpg [02:01]
Ayub bachchu from LRB playing bangladesh's national anthem on his guitar........"Amar shonar bangla,Ami tomay valobashi".........The anthen starts after 1 minute,so please watch the whole thing......
Tags: bangla, bangladesh, concert, open, air, nokia, carnival, music, LRB, band, rock, guitar, anthem, national, kk, dhaka

Guy playing flute in dhaka bangladesh [00:47]
Some guy on the street in banani dhaka playing the flute very well, I think he was selling them thats why he had a few on him.
Tags: bangladesh, dhaka, flute

Dhanmondi 27 [02:09]
, private hospital, Grameen Phone offices are here. The Bangla Gallery of 27 is close to Drik Gallery. These to gallery and institute are playing important to rule for the cultural and visual arts development of the country. Because of their movement now Bangladesh is having vision to present herself in global stages with own dignity. However Dhanmondi-27 is an important to understand the modern and fasted Dhakai life and consumerism. ... dhanmondi 27 dhaka bangladesh market shopping center ...
Tags: dhanmondi, 27, dhaka, bangladesh, market, shopping, center

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