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Destination Nafakum Part-5: Remakri [02:22]
Remakri is a small village comprised of 20-30 houses mostly with an adjacent shops . The place is peaceful and the people are friendly. The locality was just like a living picture. Elders gathered into small groups chatting quietly and smoking tobacco, children playing, hills surrounding all the direction. Peace and love!!

Children Playing in Dhaka, Bangladesh - Road Junkie Snippets 6 [00:57]
A group of children are taking part in an activity - bobbing for crackers dangling off of a string. A group of locals in Dhaka were kind enough to invite us to the gathering.
Tags: nomadicsamuel, Nomadic Samuel, Samuel Jeffery, Road Junkie Snippets, Travel Log, Travel Video, Backpacking Video, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Old Dhaka, Children Playing, Children Playing in Dhaka, Children playing game, Dhaka Children, Bangladeshi Children, Bangl

Bangladesh late 1980 [04:22]
Bangladesh in late 1980 and early 1981, at the end of my three years of life and work out there. Images from the river Buriganga as you can't see them anymore, Dhaka's new parliament, Jenidah, children playing and village life.
Tags: Bangladesh, Dhaka, Buriganga

River Cruising over river Shari, Sylhet [05:03]
Sunday, 25th July 2010 Boat riding over Shari, the most beautiful river from Bangladesh is simply exciting. The colorful water from the river is enough to make you have, as I was. This river will take you to the end of the Bangladesh boarder. If you have time, you can make a boat journey at anytime. Here you'll get some hints and my experience about my last river cruising The song that is playing at the background of the video was performed by "Chandrabindu"
Tags: sylhet, bangladesh, lala khal, lalakhal, river shari, saree, nodi, cruise, river cruise, blue water, green water, scenic, beauty, beautiful, nice, excellent

Tripura Kids Playing at River Nunchhori, Khagrachhari [01:11]
Sunday, 01st August 2010 Just enjoyed the beauty and the adventurous "Debotar Pukur"(Matai Pukhiri). When I was returning from there, just found the Tripura kids were having a regular shower like any other days. The kids found themselves more enthusiastic when they saw I was capturing their activities. Immediately they just started to display their charisma in front of my camera.
Tags: tripura, kids, chakma, tribal, khagrachhari, khagrachhori, bangladesh, playing, river, nunchhori, chhoto nodi

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