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RAHUL DRAVID - Till The Wall Collapse! Sachin Tendulkar 100th Hundred vs bangladesh Dhaka today [03:28]
Tribute The Wall of India Rahul Dravid! Some Highlights of his career! Sachin tendulkar 114 147b 100th hundred 100 vs bangladesh mirpur highlights Sachin Tendulkar's 100th International Hundred Vs Bangladesh Asia Cup 16-03-2012 Rahul Dravid was probably one of the last classical Test match batsmen. India v Sri Lanka at Dhaka India v Sri Lanka at Dhaka His progress into the national side may have been steady and methodical rather than meteoric, but once there, Dravid established himself at the vanguard of a new, defiant generation that were no longer easybeats away from home. Armed with an orthodox technique drilled into him by Keki Tarapore, he became the cement that held the foundations firm while the flair players expressed themselves. Yet, for a man quickly stereotyped as one-paced and one-dimensional, he too could stroke the ball around when the mood struck him. Never a natural athlete, he compensated with sheer hard work and powers of concentration that were almost yogic. At Adelaide in 2003, when India won a Test in Australia for the first time in a generation, he batted 835 minutes over two innings. A few months later, he was at the crease more than 12 hours for the 270 that clinched India's first series win in Pakistan. Initially seen as a liability in the one-day arena, he retooled his game over the years to become an adept middle-order finisher. The heaves and swipes didn't come naturally, but by the time the selectors eased him aside in early 2008, he had more ...
Tags: Sachin, tendulkar, 100th, hundred, 100, vs, bangladesh, mirpur, highlights

Ship Recycling Forum 2011 - Dubai Promo [04:43]
Cash Buyers, brokers and regulators meet at Ship Recycling Forum launch. With another lively Ship Recycling Forum in prospect, TradeWinds caught up with some of the key players and sought their views on the markets, Bangladesh and the Hong Kong Convention. Is the trend towards greener recycling or is money still doing the talking? Is the situation in Bangladesh close to resolution and what needs to happen now? Is there lack of understanding about how the convention will work in practice?
Tags: Ship, recycling, tradewinds, NHST, Events, Scrap, Scrapping, Demolition, Alang, United, Eastern, Cash, buyer, Last, voyage, breaker, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, NGO, Platform, on, Shipbreaking, Greenpeace, Nikos, Mikelis, Anil, Sharma, Dimitri, Ay

Mitu-Shantu Wedding Photography by The Dreamcatchers[HD] [05:29]
If your net connection is slow select lower quality video from the player menu.
Tags: wedding, photography, bangladesh, dreamcatchers, canon, 450d, kiss, x2, biye, gaye, holud, bou, vat, 70-200, f2.8l, mahran, numair, fadlullah,, the, bride, groom, bor

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