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Bangladeshi Parade In Canada 2O12 [00:45]
Presented: By Bangladesh Hindu Association Of Quebec -Canada Day Parade
Tags: Canada (Country), parade, Bangladesh, Hindu, Association, Quebec

Bangladesh in 'Feste dei Popoli' Rally Trento 20/05/12 [01:47]
Bangladesh in '13th Feste dei Popoli 2012, Trento, Italy' Rally held 20/05/2012 at 11:00 AM
Tags: bangladesh, rally, parade, trento

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 23) Slideshow Series [02:04] Bangladesh is possibly the most under-rated country I've ever visited. Dhaka is the heart of all of the commotion with all the hustle and bustle one might expect along with very pleasant, kind and warm-hearted locals. This is a 25 part slideshow series showcasing Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka is more than just a city, it is a giant whirlpool that sucks in anything and anyone foolish enough to come within its furious grasp. Around and around it sends them, like some wildly spinning fairground ride bursting with energy. Millions of individual pursuits constantly churn together into a frenzy of collective activity -- it is an urban melting pot bubbling over. Nothing seems to stand still. Even the art moves, paraded on the back of the city's sea of 600, 000-plus rickshaws, which throb with colour and restlessness even when gridlocked. It doesn't matter how many times you experience this city, the sensation of being utterly overwhelmed is always the same. Sights and experiences come at you so thick and fast that it would take a lifetime to know this mega-city's every mood. A day spent alternating between the filthy riverbanks of Old Dhaka and the swish restaurants of Gulshan is a day spent seeing the haves and have-nots of the world in crystal clarity. We can't guarantee you'll fall for Dhaka's many charms, but sooner or later you will start to move to its beat and when that happens Dhaka stops being a terrifying ride and starts becoming a cauldron of art and ...
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