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The Hammam Falls [06:22]
A newly discovered fall of Bangladesh. It is located at Srimangol, Sylhet.
Tags: Bangladesh, sylhet, komolgong, hammam, falls, hamham, chimparai, tea, state, pantha, rahman, steadfast, adventures, travel, forest, rain, jungle, trek, adventure, in, club, climbing

Dhaka City Rickshaw and Baby taxi (CNG) Ride [06:38]
Manik Mian Ave, West Panthapath, Raja Bazaar, Central Hospital (Green Road), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tags: Dhaka, city, Rickshaw, Baby, taxi, CNG, Ride, Bangladesh, Manik, Mian, Ave, West, Panthapath, Raja, Bazaar, Central, Hospital, Green, Road

Promo: Chandranath Pahar [03:25]
A Steadfast Adventures Presentation Weather was so bad when we started our journey. It was raining heavily. The sun was playing hide and seek game with the clouds. after crosing half way the sun was finally stable and we were feeling comfortable to climb. Chandranath Pahar is located at shittakundo, Chittagong and it is one of the most sacred places of Bangladesh. The king of Tripura once built a temple on top of it and from then people form distant places started coming to this hill.
Tags: Chandranath, Pahar, Adventure, Bangladesh, outdoor, tourism, pantha, rahman, chittagong, shitakuno, hill, trek, in, steadfast, adventures, hiking, travel

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