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PUBLIC PDA [02:17]
There's nothing wrong with Public Displays of Affection. But sometimes lovers just need to get a room. To celebrate PDA, we hit the streets of Chicago and bu...

GI Jory: The Rise of Cobra [02:05]
The song is "Sharkbite" by Crushed Out Find them online at I went to a small village of Christians today... Because they are an extreme minority in this area they are persecuted. They have nothing and so have to resort to whatever work they can find. Many of the men travel many km to find and catch deadly cobra snakes and sell them to make a living. A few men will leave for a day or two and return with one, two, sometimes no snakes. For the extremely risky work they make ~$2 a snake... You can see why they are extremely poor. Add to the risk of being bitten by a snake and dying because Bangladesh has placed the cobra on a protected animal list what they do is illegal... Be thankful for the job you think is shitty because there is far, far worse... This is part of my Bangladesh trip. I went to Bangladesh for 3 months to document the building of a school with Shawn (Uncultured Project). If you want to learn more about that project if you use the link below to his youtube channel all the details are there. The majority of the trip on this channel is cell phone videos of certain moments... If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Find me on... Twitter Facebook: Find Shawn at: Youtube: Twitter:

my last visit to meet BAUL Abdul Karim RIP - Ager Bahadhuri Onee Gelo Khoi 18.02.2009.mp4 [02:02]
Shah Abdul Karim was born in 1916 in Ujan Dhol village, Derai Thana, in Sunamganj District, one of the remotest villages of Bangladesh. Growing up with poverty and hardship, he started expressing his thoughts and emotions musically from very early age. Ektara, a traditional single string instrument has been his constant companion. His songs had spell-binding effects on the people in and around his village, not to mention his melodic, soothing and pleasingly rustic voice. He was so indulged in music that unlike other typical Bangladeshis he failed to engage in some 'jobs' and continued entertaining people with his music (by and large, music is yet to be recognized as a full grown profession in Bangladesh). However, poverty forced him to get into agricultural labour. But nothing could stop him from making good music. As he was growing up, he received training on spiritual and baul music from Kamal Uddin, Shadhak Rashid Uddin, Shah Ibrahim Mastan Baksh. His versatility ranged from Baul song, Spiritual song to Bhatiali. He went on learning all the exclusive modules of Baul song afterwards along with Shariatti, Marfatti, Nabuot, Belaya, the various devout form of music. He was motivated by philosophy of renowned Lalan Shah, Panju Shah and Duddu Shah.
Tags: shah, abdul, karim., bangladesh., sunamganj., ujan, dhol., village., music., Song., Baul., oomiah

The true story of a haunting [02:46]
I was deciding to go back to bangladesh in 2012 but in 2005 theres another story. I was 9 years old. I went on holiday to Bagladesh with my family for 3 months on July 2005. During the month which passed. I Moved into my grandma's house which was alright but use to be eerie at night.Obviestly I stayed there before but these folowing days was very different and probably the scariest times i experianced ever in my lifetime. Well first i stayed in my small bedroom at night. I shared the room with my brother But that night was normal with me but not for my sister and aunt, they slept in a room which was near a bathroom and a window and beyond the window was trees, and a huge forrest and grass, that was on the side of the house But the window shutter was closed during then. My mum slept in another room next to the bedroom my sister and aunty slept in but my mum slept in that bed and nothing realy happened to her but my sister and aunt sensed something My sister and aunt went to bed at 11.00. Nothing happened during those hours which passed. Bare in mind they slept in the room which was wierd. My sister and aunt was settling.Suddenly then on 3.00am, Something demony happened, stones being thrown, bangs and smashes and knocking.
Tags: the, true, truth, real, story, of, haunting, burial, ground, spooky, scary, fact, eerie, spine, tingling, 100, thetabshiremperor, holiday, bangladesh, abroard, 2005, demony

Character - Ramu, Bangladesh [01:36]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to St. Martin's Island, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Will. See this TripWow and more at Character Today was one of those rare, annoying days on the road. I woke at 5:15am in order to get the first bus to Teknaf, and this is when the trouble began. I was locked inside my hotel and I couldn't get out! After trying every possible avenue I started banging on the steel gate as loudly as I could hoping someone would come to my rescue. Unfortunately all I did was wake the rickshaw drivers outside and attract a crowd. Finally, one of the staff members came with a key, and then demanded some bahksheesh for his trouble. I shouldn't have been so surprised! I got a rickshaw out to Laldighi Park, grabbed some roti and jumped on a bus. No more than five minutes later we stopped by the side of road and waited there for almost three quarters of an hour. I was almost convinced that I wouldn't make the ferry for St Martin's Island, and faced the possibility I may have to spend the night in the end of the earth smugglers town of Teknaf, which was something I really didn't want to do. The bus stopped a few times once it got going, and at around 9:15am I noticed a few well dressed locals get off the bus. There was nothing unusual about the stop, and I figured people would tell me when I had to get off, so I stayed in my seat. As soon as the bus started moving again a few people turned their heads slowly and looked at me ...
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