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So You Think You Can Fly?! [10:24]
This was the last area solo of my PPL flying training on the Cessna-152 aircraft. I had just taken off when i realized my phone was just lying there on the seat beside me. And I decided "what the hell... might as well record the damn flight". So I started recording from Upwind of runway 23 of Chittagong's Shah Amanat International Airport. Following my mission profile, I turned left to heading 170 and headed to 10 miles south of the airport to our school's designated training area, at 3000 feet right above the mouth of the river Sangu. Once there, I practiced a few maneuvers. One of those maneuvers (the 60 degree bank) is shown on this video. After I was done at the area, I requested rejoin of circuit at the airport. As I was descending to 1000 feet while leaving the area, I recorded as my aircraft went through some clouds. I rejoined at the beginning of downwind. At abeam threshold position of downwind, I prepared for a basic 10 degree approach to land. I recorded till mid finals (about 300 feet), which was as much as I was comfortable to do without endangering myself or the aircraft. Sorry I couldn't record myself landing, I'll do so as soon as I can convince my instructors to record it on a dual mission :D Credits - My dad - for sponsoring my flying training My instructors - for the best flight training this country has to offer 'Unknown' - for believing in me Rouf - for taking the time to edit this video
Tags: Tehzeeb Ahmed, Cessna 152, Cessna 152 Solo Flight, Bangladesh Flying

G:\David Rishi Camp Time.m4v [07:02]
Christmas for underprivilidged children in Gazipur, Bangladesh 26th December 2010. David Rishi, Michael Roy, Tove Larsen. The ministry is part of the "My Mission" project by David Rishi. We play games with the children, to teach them social skills and give them a much needed time of liesure. Even the parentes come to watch.
Tags: Bangladesh, Christian childrens ministry, My Mission

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