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Traffic / Street Scene in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 2) - Road Junkie Snippets 48 [01:46]
Traffic in Old Dhaka can be off the charts at times. It´s impossible not to notice the plethora of transportation options & the diversity of vehicles that form the chaos on the streets. It´s an amazing and surreal experience to witness first hand. In late 2007 a rumbling occurred deep in the tropical waters of the Bay of Bengal. Within hours of Cyclone Sidr smashing into southwest Bangladesh, the world's media and aid organisations were on the move and Bangladesh was about to find herself wrenched back out of obscurity and once again presented to the global community as a classic 'basket case' (as Henry Kissinger once described the country) of disaster. The pictures and stories that emerged from Bangladesh at that time portrayed an entire nation on its knees, but this was only a half-truth for within hours of the storm hitting, the majority of the country was back on its feet and operational. This wasn't the first time that Bangladesh had been dismissed as a no-hope nation, and it probably won't be the last. But no matter what the opinion of the wider world is, this dynamic country proudly considers itself to be an active participant in an increasingly global community. In defiance of its stuttering development and the weight of historical tragedy that it bears, it is a nation charged with perseverance and promise, and one from which we could all learn a thing or two. For the great irony is that while images of devastation were beamed nightly into Western living rooms and ...

Ankur SoftExpo 2011 preparation - Part 1 [01:49]
iMesh Multmedia is packing CD and DVD for Ankur's BASIS SoftExpo 2011 participation. iMesh Multimedia is providing all event participation service for Ankur.
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2of2 Rabbi Weiss against AIPAC & media lies [04:39]
@ enlightened rrmbgpym - as you have become a demon? Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! [Isaiah chapter 33] [1] Woe to you, devastate, and you have not been devastated, you plunder, and you have not been sacked: you will be devastated when you have finished devastate, plunder you, when you have finished in loot them. [2] Lord, have mercy on us, we hope in thee, be thou our arm every morning, our salvation in time of distress. [3] At the sound of your threat? fleeing people, when you get up? disperse the nations! [4]Gli animi volubili si applicheranno a comprendere e la lingua dei balbuzienti parlerà spedita e con chiarezza. [Isaia 32][5]L'abietto non sarà chiamato più nobile né l'imbroglione sarà detto gentiluomo, [6]poiché l'abietto fa discorsi abietti e il suo cuore trama iniquità, per commettere empietà e affermare errori intorno al Signore, per lasciare vuoto lo stomaco dell'affamato e far mancare la bevanda all'assetato. [7]L'imbroglione - iniqui sono i suoi imbrogli -. macchina scelleratezze, per rovinare gli oppressi con parole menzognere, anche quando il povero può provare il suo diritto. [8]Il nobile invece si propone cose nobili e agisce sempre con nobiltà. [Isaia 32][15]Ma infine in noi sarà infuso uno spirito dall'alto; allora il deserto diventerà un giardino e il giardino sarà considerato una selva. [16]Nel deserto prenderà dimora il diritto e la giustizia regnerà nel giardino. [17]Effetto della giustizia sarà la pace, frutto del diritto una perenne sicurezza. [18]Il mio ...
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Shamoli Bazaar [02:09]
The Shamoli General Market is very new and has grown dramatically since it was established three years ago on the east side of Shamoli Club Field. Three years before it was built the local people were dependent on the street markets to buy vegetable, fish and meat. There is also a modern BDR shop in the general market, which is now run by a local businessman. This market fulfills the daily needs of the huge number local people. The street market remains but does n't have the same attraction for shoppers. Immediately adjacent to the market is a cinema that has been closed, which in turn affects the hawkers floating shops in the street market. The street market close to the former cinema hall sells a wide range of fruit. The shopping center itself has Bangla food restaurants, stationery shops, a vocational training center, fashion product outlets, a mobile phone and electronics service center. The general market is similar to any other community-based market in Dhaka. As Shamoli is situated in the western periphery of Dhaka it is not developing as quickly as new Dhaka. However, there are huge number low income, marginalized and working class people in the area as well as slum dwellers who are mostly environmental refugees. To these classes of people, Shamoli General Market and the street market are important as they sell a range of products at very reasonable prices. There is no holiday for the market but on Fridays they attract less people. Before and after office hours is ...
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