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A Day Normal in the Carolyn of Life - Dhaka City, Bangladesh [01:10]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Feliz_carolina. See this TripWow and more at A Day Normal in the Carolyn of Life It is nearly impossible to have a normal day whether I am in Bangladesh or in good old Canada. But if I had to pick a day, it would go something like this: 6 am- a rude awakening from the crows that "KAWWWW" outside my window! I got so mad once that I threw a whole bucket of water on them! Serves them right! 8 am- "Beep!!! Beep!!! Beep!!!" My travel alarm goes off. I get myself out of bed and pick my colorful Shalwar Kameez of the day. I sit down at the table and breakfast is ready for me. My host family, like most middle and upper class families in B'desh, has a cook (or in Bangla a Baburchi). I have no control over my food, she makes every meal. So what do I have for EVERY breakfast? Flat bread called chapatti and then she rotates eggs, fried potatoes or peanut butter (if I am lucky!) with the chapatti. Breakfast is my favorite meal! I love chapatti! 8:45am- Time to leave for work! So in winter I used to walk to the YWCA (where I teach English). It was a 7 minute walk and my only exercise of the day. But I am a Winnipeg wimp and I find it extremely hot out these days so I take a rickshaw instead. Now I must enlighten you on the walk to work. When I picture myself walking to work back in the 'Peg, I see clean and empty sidewalks, I see green trees, I hear no loud noises... the ...
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