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Brahmaputra River Expedition by Ribexpedition,Tibet- India-Bangladesh_1.m4v [02:18]
Brahmaputra River Expedition 2010 Navigating the Sky River China -- Tibet -- India - Bangladesh A brief project description Often referred as the "Everest of all rivers", the majestic Brahmaputra is one of the most challenging rivers known to mankind. It originates from Mansarovar, near Mt Kailash in the Himalayas, flows through Tibet, China, India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal. Based on the flow rate and height, the Brahmaputra is one of the strongest and highest rivers in the world earning it the nickname "Sky River". Under the leadership of renowned Swiss adventurer and environmentalist, Andy Leeman, a team of travel enthusiast will take on the challenge to navigate the entire length of this gigantic mass of water in October 2010. Last year Andy and his team completed a 2500-km-long journey of the river Ganges in just 35 days. Their amazing feat made headline news across the world. Andy Leeman has travelled the Amazon, Orinoco, Mekong and Zambezi on previous expeditions.

Birishiri Bangladesh [01:18]
Birishiri is a place of exquisite beauty in the north-western part of Bangladesh. The main attraction of Birishiri is the hills of Susong Durgapur, the crystal clear Someswari River, the ceramic hill (Chunapathar) & the lake, Kongshow River, Ethnic museum, Garo Village & the amazing Landscape. The best time to travel Birishiri is in the Rainy season. The rivers remain in its glorious phase then. The sudden rain & the soothing Green Paddy field will surely compel anyone. Places to Visit: Surrounding Hills, Someswari River, Kongshow River, Ceramic Hill & Lake (Chunapathar), Ethnic Museum, Garo Village, Hajong Mata Memorial, Ranikong Church, Rowing by Someswari River.

Hong Kong Cricket Sixes Interview - HD [19:42]
The Hong Kon Cricket Sixes is one of the maining sporting / party events of the years.
Tags: Hong, Kong, Cricket, Sixes, Interview, with, Glyn, Davies, Tournament, Director, September, 2011, hongkong, cricketsixes, india, bangladesh, pakistan, sri lanka, england, scotalnd, ireland

Biman Bangladesh Airlines [07:42]
First i know that Biman Bangladesh hasnt got a Boeing 747-400 but they have 1 742 and 1 743 leased from Kabo Air and Orient Thai Airways. Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 747-400 flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh (VGZR) to Kai Tak, Hong Kong (VHHX) The full airport names: Dhaka | Zia International Airport Kai Tak | Kai Tak Airport Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 Model: Project Opensky Panel: Default Airline: Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flight: VGZR - VHHX Scenery addon: - Default Scenery Zia Airport ...
Tags: Biman, Bangladesh, Airlines, Dhaka, Kai, Tak, Hong, Kong, Boeing, 747-400, VGZR, VHHX, Zia, International, Airport, Flytampa, Microsoft, Flight, Simulator, FS2004, FS9, Project, Opensky, Posky, Fraps

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