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Suvolong Fall [02:24]
Suvolong Fall falls into the Kaptai lake in Rangamati, a southern district of Bangladesh. Tourists can travel to there as a day trip from Parjaton Motel at Rangamati by boat, can see picturesque view on the way, and have delicious tribal food in a local restaurant just on an island of the lake.
Tags: Bangladesh, echo-tourism, Rangamati, Kaptai lake, Suvolong

The Beautiful Rangamati (Kaptai Lake) in Bangladesh [00:48]
The Beautiful Rangamati (Kaptai Lake) By Fariaz Traveler +88-01712200632 Email:
Tags: The, Beautiful, Rangamati, (Kaptai, Lake), in, Bangladesh

Passing a day by cruising over Kaptai [02:59]
Sunday, 08th August 2010 Enjoyed the beauty of the great Kaptai Lake and the Karnafuli river of Bangladesh with small engine boat. Weather was mix. Sometimes sunny, sometimes gloomy.
Tags: kaptai, lake, kaptai lake, karnafuli river, bangladesh, rangamati, cruise, boat, engine boat, river cruise

Unknown waterfall(seasonal), Rangamati [01:21]
Sunday, 08th August 2010 This fountain is situated right side of your hand just after the Shubolong waterfall, and before the Subolong Bazar. This is a seasonal waterfall, and you may not see this one during winter or dry season. This is another beautiful fountain from Bangladesh, specially the meandered water path really impressed me.
Tags: unknown waterfall, water fall, bangladesh, jhorna, fountain, rangamati, kaptai lake, seasonal waterfall, seasonal, not alive fountain

Naniarchor, Rangamati [02:01]
Sunday, 01st August 2010 Its a bit confusing about the exact location of the place. When I was there, it just started raining heavily, and I forgot to note the exact location. This place is called "Mahalchhori Dak Banglo". From here, you can see how the river Chengi meet the "Kaptai Lake". The other side of the water is called Naniar chor. People used to call this place as Naniar chor too. That just made me confused where was I.
Tags: Naniarchor, Rangamati, khagrachhori, mohalchhori, mahalchhari, bangladesh, kaptai lake, chengi river, nannerchor

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