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Bangladesh Railway Modhumoti Intercity Train [Rajbari-Rajshahi]. Small part video [09:37]
Modhumati is an intercity train. Ei train Goalondo ghat theke Rajshahir pothe chere jai abar porer din at morning e ei train Rajshahi theke goalondo ghat er dike chere jai. During this video the maximum speed was 90 km/hr from Rajbari to poradah junction and 95-100 km/hr in Poradah to Rajshahi. It is the only intercity train on Rajbari District. Hope all of you like it. Thank you.
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway, Modhumati, Intercity, Train

Bangladesh RailwayTrain ride on Nakshikantha [Rajbari-Khulna] Express from Rajbari to Khustia. [09:23]
Nakshikantha Express train is a mail train. Ei mail train Khulna theke Rajbarir goalondo ghat porjonto cholachol kore. Abar goalondo ghat theke ei mail train Khulnar dike chole jai. Ekhane small part video kore dekhano holo. video korar shomoy speed chilo 85 km/hr. Rajbari theke Poradah junction porjonto 85 km/hr speed e chole but poradah theke khulna porjonto er speed 90 to 95 km/hr hoi. Hope you like it. Thank you.
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway, Nakshikantha, Express, mail, train.mp4

Hatikomrul, Important highway junction at North Bengal [01:33]
Eid Crowd ... Bangladesh Highway "North Bengal" Hatikomrul
Tags: Bangladesh, Highway, North Bengal, Hatikomrul

Hatirpul Bazaar [02:06]
are stationery shops and some small restaurants whose major clients are rickshaw pullers, workers, CNG and taxi drivers. Four roads form a junction in the Hatirpul area which means it is always busy, particularly with the abundance of rickshaws. Like a countryside shop, most shops of this Bazaar stay closed during lunch period. In morning and evening this Bazaar becomes very crowded with customers. It opens early morning and closes around 10 at night. ... hatirpul dhaka market bazaar bangladesh ...
Tags: hatirpul, dhaka, market, bazaar, bangladesh

Akhaura,Bangladesh [01:51]
Closing Akhaura station,the biggest railway junction in Bangladesh
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway

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