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Jasim "Holiday" Weird, Funny Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt Part1 [09:31]
Beauty and luxury of Dubai, Malaysia, Bornio Island, Egypt, Turkey, France, Bangladesh
Tags: Dubai, Malaysia, Bornio Island, Egypt, Turkey, France, Bangladesh

the frenetic mess on the roads of dhaka bangladesh [01:31]
the jasimuddin road traffic circle in uttara, dhaka, bangladesh about 9am on a thursday
Tags: dhaka, bangladesh, traffic, uttara

bhashaili dubaili (in A) [01:53]
mazhis" navigate these waters with a combination of skill and bravado that defines their unique profession and the bengali character. the song by the poet jasimuddin, sung in an amateur home recording by the submitter, tells their story particularly with reference to navigating rivers when no shore is in sight. the photographs were downloaded from the internet. ... bangladesh bengal india rivers meghna padma jamuna teesta brahmaputra nodi majhi country-boats boatman jasimuddin bhashailire ...
Tags: bangladesh, bengal, india, rivers, meghna, padma, jamuna, teesta, brahmaputra, nodi, majhi, country-boats, boatman, jasimuddin, bhashailire, dubailire

bhashali dubaili (in D)
old bengali folk song by the great poet jasimuddin and made famous by alamgir. this is an amateur home video. ... polligiti bhatiali folk-song majhi rivers bangladesh bengal india boatman meghna
Tags: polligiti, bhatiali, folk-song, majhi, rivers, bangladesh, bengal, india, boatman, meghna

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